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At the beginning of the episode, Neema tells Nari and Manya that Sunita will be happy to see the surprise party. Nari agrees with her. Whereas later Manya’s stomach starts hurting. Neema asks her if she is fine. She refuses. Neema takes her to the hospital. There Kanchan calls Mayank and asks him why he has taken a job in Shiv’s bank. Mayank tells her because he wants to take revenge on her. Kanchan is shocked to hear this.

On the other hand, Sunita and Suresh come home and see Sunita’s friends standing in front of their house. Sunita asks them how did they come here. Her friends tell her that Neema has invited them for a meal. Sunita gets happy and says that Neema is very nice. Suresh calls Neema and asks her where is she. Neema tells him that Manya’s health has deteriorated so they have come to the hospital. Suresh says ok.

There Rani asks Pushpa what decision she has taken for Paras. Pushpa advises her not to interfere in the affairs of her house and asks her to leave from here. Rani says that she is not going anywhere from here. Pushpa gets irritated. On the other hand, Anju gives a gift to Sunita. Sunita gets delighted. Anju asks her where is Neema. Suresh tells her that she has gone to the hospital.

Anju’s grandson gets very hungry. Suresh goes to the shop to get food. He is about to make the payment when Neema calls him and tells him that she needs some money. Suresh transfers the money to her. When he comes home empty-handed, Sunita asks him why he has not brought the goods from the shop. Suresh tells him that Neema needed some money so he transferred the money to her.

Sunita says that if she does not give food to their friends, they will get angry with her. Suresh searches for money in the box of rice but is shocked as there is no money. Further, Anju and Sunita’s other friends leave after getting angry. Sunita gets disappointed. After some time Manya and Neema come home. Sunita gets starts scolding Neema. Suresh asks Neema if she had invited Sunita’s friends to the house. She refuses.

Nari asks her if she remembers the names of Sunita’s friends. Neema denies this. Then Nari checks her phone and tells Sunita that Neema has not messaged Anju Kaki. Sunita says that there is no need to explain as she knows the truth. She goes towards Tulika’s house and sees Tulika listening to them. There Mayank comes to Siya and wishes her good morning.

Mayank asks Siya if she will help him in teaching him the work. She answers yes. Shiv says that Siya is also a new employee so if he needs any help, he should talk to him. Siya remembers Kanchan and tells Mayank that she is a new employee but still she can help him. On the other hand, Sunita tells Tulika that she knows that she had invited her friends to the house. Tulika denies this. While Sunita brings her out of the house and tells everyone how Tulika cheated on him.

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Nima Denzongpa 10th January 2022 Written Update: Neema wants to throw a surprise party for Sunita