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Episode begins with Suresh telling Sunita he will do whatever she says. Suresh thinks I have enough been your puppet, now I will not be a fool. Suresh goes. Tulika wonders how Suresh agreed so easily. Sunita makes her understand that it’s not important, he agreed it’s important, now I will be the owner of this house. Tulika looks irritated and says my part is there too. Sunita says yes. She goes.

Here, Nima takes test of Naari and she answers everything correctly. Nima praises her. Naari says I wish you could have studied too. Nima thinks about her past time when her mother asked her to focus on studies but Nima didn’t and fell in love with Suresh. Nima says I have gone through it so that’s why don’t want you guys to go through it. Naari says I understand. Nima then remembers Mania has not come home so she calls Mania. Mania says she is in hospital.

Nima is worried. Mania says I am fine, the company I work for, my boss got injured. Nima says come home soon. Mania says I will come home and explain it. Mania then asks the doctor about Paras. Doctor says as it’s a head injury so he has to go through some tests. Mania thanks Paras for saving her life. While Paras also thanks Mania for driving him to hospital. Paras’s friend comes and Mania says I am leaving for now but don’t vanish like last time. Paras says yes. Mania leaves. Paras is asked by his friend if he really feels for Mania to which Paras says no. He gets Dinesh’s call so they hurry.

Here, Maaji tries to sing, Bakay tries to correct her so she shuts Bakay up. Bakay goes. Suman comes and hints Maaji how it’s a marriage home and keeping a new lady at work is not safe, we should bring Nima. Maaji says Mina went on her own, this new lady is good. Maaji asks for time and wonders why hasn’t Asha gone till now as it’s past her time. Asha comes and says the kitchen wasn’t clean at all so I was cleaning it, seems like the last lady didn’t clean it well. Asha then goes. Maaji thinks to keep her permanantly. Asha then trips and kitchen items fall from her bag which she puts back and goes.

Here, Sunita and Tulika argue on why Tulika will get only 30 percent, Sunita says that’s only what you will get and as you say you got me a grandson he will get my part once I die. Tulika gets irritated. Here, Mania comes home and explains the whole situation to Nima.

Nima says thank god you are okay. Siya comes and goes to sleep. Nima sees she hasn’t eaten her lunch. She worries. She takes Mania with her for getting few stuff. Mania asks Nima what she wanted to talk to her about as all the items where there at home. Nima says I know something is wrong with Siya, please tell me I need to know and help her, I want the best for you all. Mania says I know I am breaking Siya’s trust but she needs your help. Mania then shares all the event of Pune to Nima and how Siya and Shiv like each other. Nima looks on.

Episode ends.

Precap- Nima thinks about Siya and worries if Siya will also leave the house like her. She worries.