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At the beginning of the episode, Virat thanks the police as they are showing them the footage by coming to the house. Priyal is worried. Mona asks her to calm down. Gulshan tells Virat that their house has become a police station because of Nima. Further they watch all the footage in which they see Virat coming out of the car. Everyone gets shocked seeing this. Virat says it cannot happen. Siya asks Virat if he has done all this.

Nima tells Siya that Virat did not wear these clothes that day. Inspector asks her if she wants to say that he has done all this. Nima refuses. She tries to convince them that Virat did not do the accident. Mona and Priyal remember how they hired the hacker and replaced Virat with Priyal. Mona then feels that now Nima will start hating Virat and will leave Virat.

Priyal tells Mona that if Virat goes to jail then how will she marry him. Mona says that Virat has a lot of money so she doesn’t need to worry. Further the inspector asks Manya what she wants to do. Nima asks Manya to trust her. Virat also tries to convince her that he has not done her an accident. But Siya wants Manya to file a complaint against Virat.

Manya also does the same. Nima gets shocked hearing this. Next they all leave from there. Seeing all this Priyal feels bad for Virat. Inspector arrests Virat. Nima tries to convince them that Virat has not done anything. Priyal tells Mona that Nima is supporting Virat and her plan has failed. Mona tells her to keep quiet. While Gulshan throws Nima out of the house.

Manya is crying. Paras asks her not to cry. Manya says that she cannot believe that she has to bear all this because of Virat. Paras says but he trusts Nima’s words. Manya says that she too had faith in Nima but all the evidence is against Virat. Krish, on the other hand, learns that Virat has been arrested by the police. Mona tells Krish that Virat is in jail because of Nima.

Gulshan asks Nima to leave from there. Mona tells Krish to let Nima go from here as because of her that Virat is in jail. Nima tells Krish not to believe her words. Mona asks Krish to go to the room. Alok tells them that they are not doing well with Nima. Further Siya keeps talking nonsense about Nima. Nima comes there and gets sad hearing her words.

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