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At the beginning of the episode, Suman tells the guests that Neema is like a member of their house. Grandma doesn’t like this and says that there is a difference between Neema and then and she should talk thoughtfully. Here Tulika is standing with a man. Both of them are waiting for Suresh. As soon as Suresh comes there Tulika and the man start the drama. Tulika pretends as if some goons are troubling her. She also cuts off her hand with a knife and lies that Datta Bhau’s goons are harassing her.

Further, Suresh comes back home meeting Datta Bhau and tells Sunita that Datta Bhau has usurped his house. Tulika says that she had said that they should not take Datta Bhau’s help but he did not listen to her and now all this has happened. Sunita asks Suresh why he did this. She wants him to go to Bhau and talk to him. Tulika refuses as Datta Bhau is a dangerous man who can harm them.

Sunita gets disappointed as their house has become someone else’s because of Suresh. Suresh tells her not to worry. He says he will hire a good lawyer and he will get the house. Tulika asks him to go to work instead of focusing on these things. Here Nari calls Neema and tells her that tomorrow she is going to get an award in school and she wants her to go to school with her. Neema says fine.

Further, Neema realizes that her health is not well. Here Tulika’s father gives Tulika the papers of the house and tells her that she is the owner of the house from now on. Tulika becomes happy and says that earlier she thought that Suresh and Neema would not fall into her trap. Tulika’s father says that no one wants to take any risk on their child, so they also got caught in her trap. Tulika says thanks to God. Then one of the papers of the house get burnt and Tulika gets sad.

Here Siya tries to talk to Shiv but he ignores her. Siya gets confused and asks him why is he ignoring her. He doesn’t tell her anything. Nari sees the Mehendi on Manya’s hand. Manya remembers that this Mehendi was applied on her hand when she was helping Neema. Meanwhile, Neema overhears Suresh talking to Tulika who tells her that he will file a case against Datta Bhau. Tulika tells him not to do this but he does not listen to her. Neema asks Suresh why is he so upset. Suresh doesn’t tell her anything.

Later, Siya gets hurt in her leg. Shiv helps her. Kachan saw them together and gets angry. She starts scolding Shiv. Shiv asks her to trust him. On the other hand, Seeing Sunita upset, Suresh tells her that there is no need for her to be sad as everything will be fine soon. Then he wonders why Tulika is so happy even after this mess. The next morning Nari sees that Neema is still sleeping. She wakes her up and asks her to get ready. But Neema faints.

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