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At the beginning of the episode, Suresh sees that Varun is sleeping and wakes him up. He asks him why he doesn’t go to college. He thinks that he should go to his college. Varun gets nervous and lies that he goes to college every day. Suresh asks him not to lie further, Tulika sees that Suresh is going to Neema’s house. Sunita gets shocked seeing this and asks Tulika to do something. But Tulika refuses as she cannot stop Suresh from going to Neema again and again.

Dr checks Neema. Suresh asks him if she is fine. Dr informs him that Neema’s BP is low. Nari gets sad hearing this and refuses to go to college. Manya and Siya explain to her that it is very important for her to go to college. Nari tells them that but only parents can give the award. Neema wants Nari to go to college with Suresh. Suresh agrees with it. He goes to his house and asks Tulika where is his new shirt.

Tulika asks him where is he going. He informs her that he is going to college to give the award to Nari. Varun is shocked to hear this. He thinks that if Suresh comes to know that he has been dropped from the college then trouble will arise. Here Paras calls Suman and says that yesterday he spoke to Babita and he felt that she was sad. He asks if there are any problems. Before Suman can say anything, a man comes there and asks her where to put the mandap.

Paras is shocked to hear this and asks her why they are decorating the mandap in the house. Dadi comes there and handles the matter and says that today there is worship in the house. Paras says ok. Further, Dadi scolds Suman because she cannot handle even such a thing. Here Varun instigates Tulika that she should stop Suresh from going to college. Tulika then mixes sleeping pills in Suresh’s water to make him sleepy. S

Next Suresh stands at the bus stand. He starts feeling dizzy. Tulika is also looking at Suresh. She remembers how she mixed Suresh’s water with sleeping pills. She thinks that now Suresh will not be able to go to college. Here Suresh is waiting for the rickshaw. But he faints. Tulika wonders if she should take Suresh home. Here Nari is waiting for Suresh. Her friend asks if her mother will give her the award. She refuses and tells that today her father will give her the award. Her friends say okay.

Later Manya tells Neema that Suresh has not reached the college and is not picking up Nari’s call either. Neema thinks that she should talk to Tulika. But Manya refuses and calls Tulika herself and asks about Suresh. She tells her that Suresh has already left home 1 hour ago. Here Nari sees Varun and feels that Suresh has also come with him. But then she learns that Varun has come alone. She gets sad.

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