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At the beginning of the episode, Suresh opens his eyes and sees that he is still at the bus stand. He panics and looks at the time and realizes that it is 12 o’clock. He tries to stop the rickshaw. Here the principal praises Nari saying that she is a star student and invites her parents to give her the award. Varun makes fun of Nari. Meanwhile, Suresh reaches Nari’s college.

Neema also reaches with her daughters and is searching for the way to the hall. Nari reaches the stage. The principal inquires about her parents. Nari tells him that they have not been able to come. The principal says ok and himself gives the award to the girl. Here the guard does not allow Suresh to go to the function as he thinks that he has consumed alcohol. Neema is about to see Suresh but then he leaves from there.

Here Varun says to Nari that she is in bad luck and she is all alone. Nari corrects him saying that she is alone on the stage but not in life. She tells everyone how her mother has worked hard to get her here and she is not able to come here because she is still unwell. Then Neema reaches there. Nari is happy to see her and asks the principal if her mother can give her the award now. He answers yes.

Neema comes on stage and presents Nari with the award again. The principal asks Neema to say something for Nari. Neema further praises Nari in front of everyone and says that her daughter is very hardworking. Everyone applauds for Nari and Neema. Next Suresh comes to Nari and congratulates her. He sees that Neema is also with Nari. He asks her if her health is fine.

While Nari gets angry and says that Varun is right, he doesn’t like her and she is an unwanted child. Suresh is shocked to hear this while Nari leaves from there. Here Tulika is thinking about Suresh when she sees Suresh coming towards the house. Suresh knocks on the door of Neema’s house. Nari gets furious seeing him. Suresh tries to explain his point to Neema but she advises him to go to his house and rest as she felt that he was drunk.

Next Suresh goes to his house and watches the video of Nari. Varun angrily shuts it down. Suresh scolds him. Later Varun drinks the same water which contains drugs and he becomes unconscious. Suresh and Sunita are shocked to see this. Here Siya sees that Kanchan has come to meet her. Kanchan asks Siya to swear to her mother that she does not like Shiva. Siya does not want to answer this.

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