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At the beginning of the episode, Nima and Virat think about how they should unlock the handcuffs. Virat says that right now he is feeling hungry so he will eat food first so that he gets some good ideas. Nima gets irritated hearing his words. Virat says that someone is knocking on the door. Nima says there is no one is here. Still, Virat opens the door and sees that no one is at the door. On the other hand, some people come to meet Virat.

The watchman tells them that the light hasn’t come yet. But they think of going up with the stairs. Primal sees that the door of Virat’s house is open. She thinks that the watchman must have told Virat that she is going to come. Then she goes inside the house and seeing the decorations thinks that Virat has done all this for her. Seeing Virat sleeping, she tries to wake him up but then she is surprised to see Nima with Virat.

Here Taiji also reaches Virat’s house. Virat gets up. He is shocked to see Priyal and Taiji. Priyal tells Virat that she has come here for him but he is celebrating his Valentine with someone else. Virat asks her to listen to him. He tells them that this is Nima. Krish comes there. He gets nervous seeing Priyal. Nima asks him what happened.

Krish calls Nima a mother. Priyal asks Virat why he is calling this woman a mother. Then the light also comes. Virat takes Priyal to the room and tells her that Nima is Krish’s nanny and he can never celebrate Valentine’s with her. Priyal asks him why Nima is not wearing such nice clothes. Virat tells her that Nima’s clothes had become dirty so he gave the gift brought for her to Nima.

Taiji tries to talk to Krish but Krish does not talk to her. Nima explains to Krish that he should not behave like this with his elders. Krish understands her point. On the other hand, Sunita asks Suresh if Tulika is trying to change. Suresh says that he cannot say anything about this. But he wants to give her a chance. Then he gets ready to go to Nashik.

Tulika and Sunita ask him why he wants to go to Nashik. Suresh does not tell them anything and leaves from there. Here Siya tells Mayank that she cannot accept the Valentine gift given by him. Kanchan comes there and asks her why she can accept it. Siya does not answer her and leaves from there. Further, Nima is going to her house but Krish starts crying. Virat asks Nima to stay with Krish.

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