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At the beginning of the episode, Nima tells Suresh that Mona and Priyal are very smart and they didn’t even spend a minute to trap Virat. She says that she didn’t confront Mona and Priyal as she didn’t want them destroy her plan. Nima then goes to Pradeep Jewelers to know that she can get any evidence about Priyal’s bracelet. She shows the bracelet to the artisan. The craftsman tells her that he made this bracelet in a day. Nima asks him to tell more about it.

Here Chinki asks Gulshan where is Virat. Krish also comes there. Gulshan says that all this is happening because of him. She tells Alok to put Krish in the boarding school. Krish is shocked to hear this. Alok asks her to calm down. Priyal tells Mona that she wants to go to Delhi. Mona says that now she should stay with Gulshan and go to meet Virat so that Virat realizes that she loves him very much.

Priyal does the same. She goes to meet Virat. She hugs Virat and says that what happened to her was not quite right. She starts crying. Virat asks her to calm down. He says that he doesn’t even know why he is getting punished. Nima comes there and says that he is getting punished for someone else’s wrong deeds. Further, Mona and everyone else also comes there.

Mona asks Nima what she wants to do now. Nima calls Keshav and he tells them the truth that Priyal too this bracelet from her. Priyal tells Nima that this does not prove anything. Nima says that she knew that she would say the same thing so she has brought another proof with her. She shows them the video in which Priyal is coming out of the car. Everyone gets shocked seeing this.

Priyal goes to Mona and asks her to save her. Mona slaps her. She asks her why she hid such a big thing from her. Nima asks Mona if she really didn’t know about all this. She says yes. Virat assures Nima that Mona cannot do this. He further questions Priyal why did she do this to him. Priyal is unable to answer this.

Priyal further apologizes to Manya. Manya says that what she did to her was very wrong and she will get the punishment. Mona tells Manya that Priyal has made a big mistake but she will not be able to face such a big punishment. So she should forgive her. Nima goes to Manya and says that she will be with her in whatever decision she takes. Manya gets confused.

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