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Suresh says to Tulika that I feel suffocated here, I don’t want to live here anymore. Tulika says that’s what you want right? I won’t beg you, I will go and live with my father. She asks Varun to come with her but he says no. Sunita asks Tulika to calm down. Tulika says no, I am leaving right now. Suresh looks away. Tulika thinks I will have to leave now. She comes out of the house. Nima is coming back so Tulika gives her money and says we won’t keep the money you gave for ice cream. Sarla says you can’t repay her ever. Nima tells Tulika to not drag me in their fights. Tulika says I am just going to my father’s house. In the house, Sunita cries and tells Suresh what will I do if she leaves? Who will do household chores? Suresh says you are worried

about that? Sunita says I have to stop her. She comes out of the house and asks Tulika to stop. Nima leaves from there. Sunita tells Tulika I am sorry. Tulika says I won’t stay back till Suresh apologizes to me. She leaves.
Suman is doing Paras’ head massage while he is humming. Suman says you have a girl in your life that’s why you are happy right? Paras recalls meeting Mania. Suman says your fiance is a nice girl, you have become happy after engagement. I am happy to know that you like her also. Paras gets tensed and looks away.

Mania tells Nima that I became the face of the campaign, they know my value now. The company’s CEO just wanted me only. Nima says enough, God has given you this chance but don’t become arrogant, work hard now. Mania says sure. Nima says you have made me proud, I like seeing you become independent. Mania says I am so happy to see you proud of me. Sia comes home.

Sunita says they are fighting while we are hungry. Varun says I need food, do something. Sunita asks him to help her so she can cook. Varun says I am studying so don’t disturb me. Sunita says just help me.

Nima is working in the kitchen, Sia asks her to go and rest. Nima says it’s okay. Sia says there is a bank workshop in Pune which I have to attend. Nima says if it’s about the job then you have to go. That guy is also going? Sia gets tensed and says who? Nima says Shiv. Sia says the whole bank is going so he will be there also. Nima says that’s good, he is a nice guy. Give me his number in case I have to contact him. Sia says really, I can go? Nima says yes, it’s your work and I trust you so you can go. Sia smiles and hugs her.

Tulika comes to her father’s house and cries. She says I gave a boy to Suresh but he doesn’t value me. Her father says I am tired your fights, don’t know when he will come to get you back. Tulika says I won’t go back till Suresh comes and takes me. He says fine, just let me sleep now.

Suresh is tensed. Nima calls him and says I wanted to discuss something. He says I can come to meet you. She says no, already there are a lot of issues. I don’t know what’s going on in your life but I think you should make peace with Tulika. She can be too much but she is your wife so you shouldn’t leave her like this. Suresh says it all became too much to bear, I just couldn’t take it anymore. Nima says she is all alone at night and I know how difficult that is for a woman. This world is a cruel place. Suresh feels guilty and says I wish I had sense before and didn’t throw my Nima and kids out of the house.

The episode ends.