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At the beginning of the episode, Neema saw that Sunita is sleeping outside her house. She wakes her up and asks what is she doing here. Suresh also comes there and before Sunita can tell her anything he stops her. Neema asks what is happening. Suresh refuses to tell her anything. Neema leaves from there. Just then Tulika saw Suresh and Sunita outside her house. She informs Varun about them and both go to Suresh and Sunita.

Tulika announces that she will allow them to enter the house if Suresh apologizes to her. Suresh refuses to apologise. Tulika gets angry and goes inside the house. While Varun gets sad seeing them. Here Dadi tells Suman that she did well by talking to Paras about Babita. While Suman is feeling guilty. At the same time, Neema sees that the key to the storeroom is left with her. She thinks that she should go back to Dinesh’s house. Nari also accompanies her.

Here Suresh gives milk to Sunita. He remembers how he too had thrown Neema out of the house due to which she had to face a lot of troubles. But Sunita feels that she is unable to go home because Suresh is not ready to apologize to Tulika. Suresh says that what Tulika did to him was wrong so he will not apologize to her.

Sunita asks him if he wants her to beg from people and she starts asking people for food. Neema notices her and is shocked. Here Babita feels that Paras is upset because of her. Paras explains to her that he is in pain because of their family members. Meanwhile, Sunita tells Neema that Tulika has thrown her out of the house. Neema wants to know how Tulika kicked them out of the house when the house was in Suresh’s name.

Sunita notifies her that Suresh has mortgaged their house for 5 lakhs and Tulika becomes the owner of that house. Neema lets out that she cannot see them in this condition and she promises them that she will take them back to the basti. On the other hand, Manya tells Siya that Paras’s family will never accept her and her love will remain incomplete. Siya consoles her. Whereas Suresh tells Neema that he will not go to Tulika’s house.

Neema explains that she is taking him and Sunita to her house. Sunita and Suresh refuse to stay in her house. Neema feels that they are in trouble because of her thus she wants him to stay in her house. Suresh gets confused and goes to Sunita. While Nari gets worried thinking that if Tulika comes to know that Suresh and Sunita are staying in their house then she will create a spectacle. Neema asks her not to pay attention to all these things.

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