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At the beginning of the episode, Sunita tells Suresh not to invite Anju and Vimla as they both had insulted her at her birthday party. Suresh says ok. While Neema says that she is going to enjoy Manya’s wedding functions a lot. Sarla comes there and gives some money to Neema so that she can use this money for tomorrow’s function. Neema denies this but Sarla says that it is a gift from her side for Manya. Manya wants Sarla to dance tomorrow. Sarla agrees with it.

Tulika comes there and serves food to them. Sunita tastes the food and says that Tulika has ordered this food from outside. Tulika says that they should enjoy the food. On the other hand, Shiv asks Kanchan why did she hide such a big thing from him. Kanchan says that because she feels that he does not love her and will not accept her child, she hid it from him. Shiva wants her to trust him.

He also promises her that he will fix everything. Kanchan hugs him. There Tulika wants to go home with Suresh. Suresh says that this house belongs to him as his daughters and mother live here. Sunita agrees with him. Varun asks if he doesn’t care about him. Suresh reminds him how he supported her mother in his wrongdoings.

Tulika tells Suresh that if he doesn’t go home with her, how will she rectify her mistakes. Suresh agrees to accompany her to the house. Then he asks Tulika to press her feet. Tulika gets upset. Later in the morning, Suresh wants Tulika to bring water for both houses. Anju further asks Tulika why she is filling the water of both the houses today. Tulika tells her that Neema is busy with the wedding work so she is doing outside work.

Anju asks her what she is going to wear for the wedding. Tulika lies that Suresh gift her a sari and she will wear the same sari. Varun advises Tulika that she should not lie. On the other hand, Rani asks Pushpa when will she go to Manya’s house to give Mehendi. Pushpa tries to ignore her. Rani asks her what is she trying to hide from her. Pushpa does not give her any answer and leaves from there.

Next, the mehndi function starts. Varun tells Tulika that he also wants to dance. Tulika goes to Suresh and asks if she can also attend the Mehndi function. Suresh says that first, she should concentrate on the household chores, after that he will think about it. Here Neema is talking to Pushpa. Pushpa wants her not to participate in Manya’s Mehendi. Tulika overhears this and tells this to everyone. Nari gets very sad to hear this.

Manya thinks that she should talk to Paras. Neema stops her. Later Neema starts cancelling the invitation of Manya’s Mehndi. Due to this everyone gets angry with her. On the other hand, Pushpa tells Rani that the Mehndi function is going to be held at her house only. Rani thinks that Pushpa must be trying to hide something from her. Here Neema asks Manya to go to the parlour to get ready.

Manya says that she does not feel like doing anything. Siya and Nari say that they will not even be able to enjoy Manya’s marriage. While Manya makes a plan. She says that Siya and Nari can become her friends and attend the wedding. Sunita likes this plan very much. Later Neema and Suresh get ready to go to Pushpa’s house. Sunita asks why they are leaving so early. Suresh tells her that Dinesh has called them.

Tulika asks Suresh if she can also go with him. He refuses and leaves from there. Tulika gets disappointed. Here Manya also gets ready and comes home. Then a car comes there. The driver says that he has come to pick up Manya. Everyone is about to sit in the car but the driver refuses and says that only Manya can accompany him. Manya gets angry. Siya and Sunita tell her that they will come in the cab.

Here Neema tells Suresh that she has taken a ring for Paras. Paras comes there. Neema gives him the ring. Paras is about to seek their blessings when Rani comes there. He asks Paras what is he doing. Paras lies that his ring was lost so he was looking for it. Then Manya comes. Rani goes out. Neema also gets excited to see Manya.

She collides with Rani. Rani starts shouting at her. Manya feels bad seeing this. She asks her to calm down. She tries to convince her that maybe it happened by mistake. Pushpa also tells her to calm down. Rani says that Pushpa has spoiled the servants. Neema apologizes to her. Rani says that she will forgive her on one condition if Neema doesn’t show her face to her. Neema says fine.

Manya’s eyes moisten. Paras feels bad for Manya. He apologizes to her. Manya says that it is not his fault. There Neema is also very sad. Suresh comes there and tries to console her. Neema says that she is feeling sad for Manya as she has become very lonely. Next, the engagement ceremony begins. Manya tells Pushpa that she is waiting for her friends. Rani asks where are Manya’s relatives. Then some people come there. Pushpa says that these are Manya’s relatives. Later, Manya and Paras perform the engagement ceremony. Manya’s sisters and Sunita also come there. Manya gets very happy seeing them.