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The episode starts with Sunita asks Nima to check everyone careful and find out the person? Nima tells her that it’s so dark there so she couldn’t see his face properly. Manav asks her Is he said something to her? Nima reveals to him that he said to her he asked her why did she came back? Manav asks them to repeat this words of her. Nima checks everyone but couldn’t find anything. Sujatha assures to Tushar that she will manage it. Nima reminds how did she beat him and his face got scratches. They brings water there to wash their face.

Tushar tries to run from there but Manav holds him. He demands him to wash his face. Nima brings water and splashes it on his face. Everyone gets shocked to find out Tushar there and the scratch mark still on his face. Manav questions him why did he done like this? He feels ashamed to see his brother in law stoops this low. Doesn’t he questioned him after find out the Tshirt in home? He shouldn’t have trusted him? Manav asks Sujatha to see the real face of her brother. Sujatha slaps him and ask Tushar why did he done like this?

Tushar reveals that he done this all for Sujatha’s sake. Sujatha fears he will spill out the beans. Tushar says to them that Sujatha is not happy till she shift to this place. She is always tensed about something. He really have no intention to kill Nima just wish to scare her. Because they want her shift to another place. Nima asks her Is it enough? Doesn’t he tried to kill her? Sujatha asks her what did she know about her brother’s love? He just wanna make her leave from here. She understands why did he done this much? She knows everything she is not scared of anything. She is a lucky person that’s why she got married to a handsome man even after she looks ugly.

Everyone are staring them weird and talking back her. She is well aware of it. She doesn’t know why did this Nima always behind her husband. She used to visit her house often and prepares momos for her husband. She travels in her husband auto two hours. She is pretending like heroine and always behind her husband. Now they can understand her situation right? Even though this much happened she is not scared of her.

Nima’s husband went somewhere leaving her behind. But she is behind her Manav instead of searching her husband. Sujatha humiliates her there. Manav shouts on her to stop this. Sujatha asks her why did she behind him always. Nima reveals to her because he is her husband Virat. Sujatha asks her what’s she saying? Nima says to them he is her husband Virat she came here to bring his memory back. He forget everything after accident. Sujatha deny it reasoning she got married to him 15 years. Nima says to them she will prove it to them. Nima shows their picture together and shows their family pictures to Virat.

Nima says to him Krish is his life and all family members are waiting for him. Sunita says to him whatever she says is true. He is not a auto driver but a business tycoon. He owns a bangalow and company. He is a rich business man. Virat reminds how did people addressed him as sir. He asks her Is this the reason everyone mentioned him like that? She nods to her. Sujatha walks away from there. Sujatha thinks that she is well aware this day will come. She takes some picture and thinks let’s see what will she do now?

Nima makes Virat understand that he resembles her Virat when did he eat Momos which she made for him. She adds that he reminded his house when he visited there. He was allergic to Saffron. How come she knew it? He don’t know Marathi at all but knew English because he studied there. She says to him he is Virat. Sujatha comes there and ask her Is she shows photo will he become her husband? She shows her photo with him. She shows adhar card to him.

Sujatha asks Nima from where did this Virat came? She married to him just 1 year. But Sujatha married to Manav 10 years. No one can’t able to come between them don’t day dream about it. Sujatha asks the people to leave from there. Sujatha warns Nima to stay away from her husband and takes Manav from there. Nima stares him leaving emotional

Episode ends

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