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The episode starts with Manav locks the suitcase in rush. Sujatha complaints to Tushar that it’s all happening because of him. She demands him to break the door. Nima comes there. Nima shares to Sujatha that she is shifting from here. She wishes to meet Manav once. Sujatha lashes out at her for behind her husband and lies to her he is not in home.

Later Sujatha breaks the door and witness Manav in Unconscious state. They checks whether he is alive or not? Sujatha’s mom tells her he still have heart beats. Sujatha’s mom asks Tushar what’s this smell? Tushar checks Manav and says to them he was drunk. He got a partner in crime. Sujatha says to him he is her Manav he won’t drink.

Tushar asks her to stop being adamant he is someone else. He asks her to give food to him and leaves. Sujatha stares the suitcase. Her mom asks her why did she keep staring it? She lies to her as nothing. Manav remimds how did he the identity proof and pretends like drunk. Later Nima informs to Sunita that she can’t able to Manav. He was inside home though they didn’t let her meet him.

Sunita says to her she don’t understand what’s going on in their mind! Meanwhile Nima gets a phone call from unknown number. Nima attends it. Manav mentions Nima it’s her Virat. He shares to her that Sujatha exchanged the report of him. Nima gets happy to hear it. She asks him how did he find it out?

He adds that he don’t have time to explain about it. He demands her to meet him in night 12 o clock. Nima assures to meet him. He disconnects the call seeing Sujatha there. He pretends like sleeping there. Sujatha asks him to get up Manav thinks that she made him fool these many days. He is determined to reach police station. Nima unpacks her things and informs to Sunita her heart didn’t lied to her.

She says to Sunita that he was her Virat. Sunita asks her DNA was unmatched then? Nima tells her Sujatha exchanged it. She informs her that Manav wishes to meet her out. Later Manav wakes up he searches for his key. He takes his phone. Nima is excited to meet Virat. Sunita praises her beauty and tells her still she have time why did she rushing up. Nima tells her that she is so excited to meet him.

Nima gets a message from Manav. Sunita informs to her that he asked her to meet him in bus stand in one hour. He don’t wanna alert Sujatha. She assures to meet him. Nima tells her that Sujatha is dangerous person so she might be careful. Sunita assures to her she will wait for her one hour. Meanwhile Virat waits for Nima impatient. Nima touches his shoulder. He gets happy to see her there. He cups her face and tells her she is his Nima. He is her husband and won’t leave her life long. He hugs her in happiness. He realises it as dream.

Virat notices someone coughing there. He goes to help her but Sujatha attacks him. He faints there. Meanwhile Nima informs to Sunita and leaves from there. Sujatha is pulling Virat on road. Nima prays in temple and thank God for helped her to find her husband. Sujatha gets tired pulling him alone and thinks how could she pull him alone? She hears Nima’s foot steps and hides Virat from her sight. Nima notices that someone struggling to push the vehicle she goes to help her. Sujatha fears to get caught when Nima comes to help her. She demands Nima to leave from there. Nima feels something fishy.

Episode end

The episode starts with Sunita gives the DNA report to Nima. She tells her today they will learn what’s Manav true identity? Nima prays god and opens it. She gets shocked reading results are not matched. Manav gets disappointed hearing it. Sunita says to her that she is pranking her. Manav tells her that he is not her Virat. Nima says to him that she doesn’t know what is truth or lie? But this DNA samples are not match.

Manav gets emotional hearing it and takes out the anklets he brought for Nima. He tells her that he brought it for her to gift her after the result come. What should he do with this? Nima asks him to keep it with him. Meanwhile Sujatha stops the post man. She enquires him Is he finished the job she gave to him? He tells her it’s done. He won’t betray anyone after he get money from her. Sujatha demand him to give the original report to her but he deny it reasoning it’s risk. He will lost his job if someone find it out. Sujatha says to him that she can’t able to trust him so she wanna dispose it before someone watch it.

He gives it to her. Sujatha thinks that Nima tried to play a game with her but she won’t let her take her Manav from her. Later Manav about to leave but stopped. He forward his hand to shake it with Nima but

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