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Colors TV’s popular show Nima Denzongpa is now gearing up for more drama as Priyal wants to gain Virat’s trust. While Virat falls for Nima. What will happen now? Will Virat forgive Priyal?

In the previous episode, we saw Nima is shocked to see Siya in her wedding clothes. Nima asks Siya if she is doing all this to take revenge on her. Manya also asks Siya what is all this going on. Then Shiva comes there, seeing which everyone is shocked. Shiv tells them that on the day of Holi, he went to Bhopal with Kanchan and Mayank and there he came to know that Kanchan and Mayank were having an affair so he broke all ties with Kanchan. He says that his mother’s health had deteriorated and she wanted him to get married so he married Siya. Nima says that she has always liked Shiva and has done very well for her mother by taking this decision. Siya says that she wants to talk to Virat about something. They both go out.

Virat asks Siya if she wants to apologize to him. He says that she doesn’t need to apologize as he doesn’t mind her words. Siya asks Virat if he loves Nima. She says that Nima loved her father very much but he got married to someone else. She says that Nima used to be very sad because of this but she is happy with him. That’s why she wants him to never leave her mother’s side. She asks him to promise this. Virat is about to promise her but Nima comes there and is taking Siya from there. But Virat still holds Siya’s hand and promises her that he will take care of Nima.

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Nima and Krish will be having fun in the park. Here Virat will perform puja. Nima will go to take some snacks. While Krish will be missing. Nima will be sacred.

What will happen now? Will Virat misunderstands Nima?