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This week we saw Nima is shocked to see Siya in her wedding clothes. Nima asks Siya if she is doing all this to take revenge on her. Manya also asks Siya what is all this going on. Then Shiva comes there, seeing which everyone is shocked. Shiv tells them that on the day of Holi, he went to Bhopal with Kanchan and Mayank and there he came to know that Kanchan and Mayank were having an affair so he broke all ties with Kanchan. He says that his mother’s health had deteriorated and she wanted him to get married so he married Siya. Nima says that she has always liked Shiva and has done very well for her mother by taking this decision. Siya says that she wants to talk to Virat about something. They both go out.

Virat asks Siya if she wants to apologize to him. He says that she doesn’t need to apologize as he doesn’t mind her words. Siya asks Virat if he loves Nima. She says that Nima loved her father very much but he got married to someone else. She says that Nima used to be very sad because of this but she is happy with him. That’s why she wants him to never leave her mother’s side. She asks him to promise this. Virat is about to promise her but Nima comes there and is taking Siya from there. But Virat still holds Siya’s hand and promises her that he will take care of Nima.

Later Nima brings Krish to a park. Krish goes missing. Nima gets scared while Krish arrives home. Virat calls her and asks her to come home. Nima comes to the house and goes to Krish. She hugs him and says that she was very nervous. Krish says that he thought she had left him. Nima says that she can never leave him. Mona goes to Gulshan and says that Nima is doing all this drama. Gulshan tells Nima that she should stop her drama as she knows that she has done all this deliberately. She asks what will she reply to his parents if something happens to Krish. Krish goes towards the picture of his parents and leaves from there feeling sad. Nima says that she should call Dr and ask what they should do. Krish is crying sitting in his room.

Virat goes to Krish and says that he hid the truth from her and it is his fault so he wants to forgive him. Virat is about to leave from there. Nima explains to Krish that Virat loves him very much. Krish remembers how much Virat cared for him. While Mona feels that her plan has been successful. But then Krish stops Virat. Mona and Priyal are shocked. Krish hugs him. Nima says that they should make a fresh start and get Krish to do the puja too. Virat agrees to her point.

Later Mona collides with Nima and asks her if she is unable to see her. Nima says that she also has eyes so she can walk properly too. Mona asks her to stay within her limits. She says that knows that she trying to trap Virat. Nima gets angry and asks her to shut up. Later she notices Virat. She asks him what he is doing. He says that he wants to spend some time with his brother and sister in law. Nima asks if she can accompany her. He says yes. Nima goes into the kitchen and brings coffee for Virat. Virat praises Nima’s handmade coffee. Both of them spend a good time together.

There Priyal is sad due to Nima. She says that she should stop thinking about Virat. Mona asks her not to think so as soon they will teach Nima a lesson. Priyal agrees with her. Later Priyal puts something in Nima’s face wash. Nima comes to her room. Priyal hides. Later she hears that Nima is shouting. Priyal thinks that her plan has become successful. Virat hears the noise and opens the bathroom door. Mona asks Priyal what is going on. Priyal says that soon she will find out everything. Later they notice that Nima is fine. Priyal gets angry. Mona consoles her. While Virat takes care of Nima as she has fallen in the bathroom. He puts ointment on her injury.

Virat goes to the bathroom so that he can clean his face. Priyal recalls how she put chilli paste in Nima’s face wash. She thinks that this can cause Virat injury and then he will question. She starts shouting and asks Virat to come out of the bathroom. Virat comes out of the bathroom and asks what happened. She goes into the bathroom and throws the face wash. Virat says to Nima that today she needs to take full rest. He thinks that he should take leave from his office.

He calls his manager who tells him that today he needs to attend a meeting. Nima asks him to go to the office. Virat refuses. Nima says that work is important so he needs to go. He understands her point. Here, Mona and Priyal are talking about Nima. While Sunita knocks on the door. Mona goes to open the door. She is shocked to see Sunita. She asks her what she is doing here. Sunita says that Virat has called her here. She then goes into Nima’s room. Later Priyal is spraying stinking perfume in the house. Gulshan comes there and asks her why their house is smelling so bad. Mona blames Sunita for this. Gulshan says to Mona that she will throw her out of the house. She asks Mona where is Sunita. Mona tells her that she is in Nima’s room. Here Sunita is searching for Krish. Later she collides with Gulshan and accidentally breaks a vase. Gulshan gets angry and starts taunting Sunita. Nima hears this and stops Gulshan.

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Nima will say to Gulshan that her behaviour with Sunita is not good and she won’t tolerate it. Virat will come there and asks
what is going on? Nima will ask Gulshan to apologise to Sunita.

What will happen now? Will Priyal get successful in her plan?