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Colors TVs Popular show Nima Denzongpa entertaining audience with its interesting story line. Now serial focused on Nima declared the truth!

In the previous week we have witnessed, Nima sang for Manav. Everyone praised her voice. Sujatha disliked the way Manav admiring Nima there. Sujatha reminded Rishi to proceed their plan at night any cost. Everyone done arathi there. Sujatha done arathi with Manav.

Manav shared eye lock with Nima and prevented the Diya from blow off. Sujatha took him from there forceful. After Nima finished the arathi. Neighbour announced new game to all. She narrated the rules to everyone how to play it. She strictly asked Sujatha to don’t give signal to her husband like this.

Later Manav blind fold himself. Sujatha excited to see him finding out her and make her wear the bangles. Manav remind the smell of his wife and crossed Sujatha there. Neighbour stopped her from going behind him.

He made Nima wear the bangles. Later They announced couple dance there. Sujatha danced with him to irritate Nima. Tushar and his friends kidnapped Nima from there. Manav helped Sunita to help her search for her.

Manav almost find out Nima but Sujatha stopped him. She pretended like helping him to find out Nima. She diverted them into different directions to confuse them. Nima felt disappointed seeing it. Sunita cried for Nima. Manav enquires her Is they have any enemy here?

Sunita denied it and said to him he may done something to her whom sent message to her. Manav said to her lets go to police station then. Sujatha got shocked hearing it and Stopped Manav reasoning he was not in a good term with police. She asked Tushar to go to police station.

He nod to her. Later Sunita tried to alert Manav but Sujatha came there. He found out Nima’s phone there. Sujatha demanded Manav to leave and assured to help Sunita. Later Sujatha got shocked hearing Manav went to police station.

She alerted Tushar about it. Later Tushar tried to kill Nima but she escaped from him by pushing him aside. Manav hold her on time and she narrated all situation to him. Sujatha lashed out at Tushar for not planning well anything.

Nima shared to Sunita it was so dark there so she couldn’t see his face well. She shared to Manav that he asked her why did she came back? Manav asked the gents to repeat it. Nima couldn’t find out the real person there. Nima said to Manav that she scratched his face when he tried to attack her.

Manav demanded everyone to clean their face. Tushar tried to escape from there but Manav caught him. He got shocked seeing his face. He lashed out at Tushar for tried to harm Nima. Sujatha pretended like scold him and slapped him. She asked him why did he done like this?

Tushar said to her he done everything for her sake. Sujatha said to them she found out what was the reason behind his act. She said to all Nima shifted to here searching for her husband but she was behind her husband always. She humiliated Nima in front of all.

Nima revealed to all Virat was her husband and showed photo proof to her. She made Manav remind all past of him and connected the situation with it. Sujatha showed fake photo to them to confuse others. She demanded Nima to stay away from her husband.

Nima said to Sunita god won’t leave them and help her in any way to solve this mess. Manav thought he couldn’t believe what’s truth or not? He was confused with recent incidents. Sujatha came there and informed to him he was not a rich business man.

They were a small family and let’s live this life together. She asked him to remind she love him a lot. Later Nima noticed the photo stuck on her sari. She found out weird things in that photo. She found out it was morphed pictures. She decided to took his DNA test.

Sunita said to her it was risk to take his samples from Sujatha’s house. Nim shared one secret plan with her. Later Nima cleaned the place. Manav shared his problems with her. Kamala misunderstood them and humiliated Nima there. Manav gave fitting reply to her.

Tushar created problems with Sujatha for slapped him in front of all. He accused her planned this all and framed him there. He cleared to her that he doesn’t have any affections on them. Sujatha got shocked seeing Manav there. He said to her he was not guilty yet. Sujatha assured him to advice him.

Later Nima reached to Sujatha’s house pretended like government officials to take their samples. Sujatha didn’t let them inside. Sunita threatened her to cancel all her rations. Sujatha allowed them inside. They took everyone samples from home and left from there.

Later Nima asked Sunita to clear this mess she wanna go to give this samples in lab. Meanwhile Sujatha learnt from neighbours that government officials didn’t came to thete house to take samples. Kamala provoked her that she saw Manav with Nima yesterday.

Sujatha doubted they may went out together. Later Nima noticed Manav in her house. He shared his confusions and feelings to Nima. Manav said to her sometimes he felt connected to this house more then hers. He added that he was connected to Nima more then Sujatha.

Nima assured to him that he will get back his memories asap. Later Sujatha sneak into Nima’s house and find out she was planned something against her. Nima revealed to Manav that she send his samples for DNA test. Results come in 5 days. He was waiting got it impatient.

In the upcoming episode viewers will see; Sujatha will inform to Tushar and her mom that Nima threw their samples down and Manav’s samples missing there. On that day she suspected she was upto something. She plotted against her.

Sunita will ask Nima Is she decided to leave from here! She will tell her she doesn’t know. Manav will find out Virat’s identity card there and realize Nima is right. He will break the suitcase and find out something suspicious things in it.

What will happen next? Will Nima help Virat to get back his memories? When will Sujatha get caught?

Upcoming episode will answer to our all questions stay tune with our space for more updates.