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Colors TV’s popular show Nima Denzongpa focused on Nima trying to find out the culprit!

In the previous week we have witnessed, Nima said to Varun that she don’t have enough time to waste. Varun shared Bimla’s location to her. He alerted her it’s dangerous to go to her place alone so he asked her to disguise themselves first.

Later Virat worried about Nima and enquired Priyak about her. She informed to him that she sent her out so get ready for their marriage. She doubt whether she planned against her or not? Nima reached to Bimla place and learnt it was not her real name. Finally Nima found out Bimla.

Sunita complained to Sia that Varun was missing he didn’t shared anything to her about attending the marriage. Manya don’t like to attend the marriage but Sunita said she wanna do it for Nima. Meanwhile Nima asked Varun to follow their plan and reach on time. Later Sunita came there and learnt from Virat that Nima didn’t back yet. Priyal stopped Virat from searching for her. She threatened him to marry her using baby name.

Virat locked Priyal in room and asked his brother to don’t send anyone near her. Two security might be with her always. His brother assures to him that mental hospital staffs will take her from here tomorrow but they might keep her here today.

Nima prayed god to cure Priyal mental state and for her family happiness. Manya said to her that she don’t wanna be a mom after this much happened. Gulshan and Mona apologized to Nima for their deeds. Nima forgave them. Manya gave the divorce papers to them.

Virat burnt that paper and promisee to Nima that he will be with her always. She promised back to him. His brother offered honeymoon trip to them. Nima denied it for Krish but he assured her he will manage. Later Virat shared to Nima that he will take her to Sikkim. She got happy to hear and got excited to meet her parents.

Virat enjoyed the view with Nima. She went to take change from car. She noticed the message from Driver mobile. She went to alert Virat that someone planned to kill them. Car hit them both met with an accident. Later Sunitha worried about Nima.

She shared to her family members that she didn’t contacted her yet. Sia assured to her she will contact her. Just then Alok came there and informed to them about the accident. Later Nima woke up in hospital. She searched for Virat there but Nurse informed to her she only admitted here.

She made Nima unconscious. After 7 days she returned to Virat home to alert his family but she was surprised to meet Virat there. He crossed her without minding her. Later she met her family members.

Virat removed the garland from Nima’s photo. He asked her to promise him that she won’t leave him again. Nima promised to him and enquired about Krish. Alok informed to her that they sent him to boarding school because after their accident it’s for them to handle him.

Nima said to them now they returned to bring him back. Mona didn’t allowed anyone to take Priyal name there. Later Nima tried to inform him about the incident happened before their accident. She felt him watching action movies strangely and handover all business to Alok.

She went to Krish room to check his things she hears voice from store room but Mona didn’t let her in. Nima shared this to Gulshan her answers made Nima grew doubt on Mona. Later Nima demanded police to find out culprit asap. Later Nima tried to open the store room but Mona stopped her. Meanwhile Gulshan supported Nima to open it.

Nima opened the store room and found its empty. Mona felt relieve after it. Later Nima got ready for party. Virat helped her to wear necklace. Nima shared to him that someone from our house planned to kill them so she need his support to find out the culprit. After Nima left he removed the Bluetooth and doubt what did Nima said to him.

Nima overheard Gulshan’s conversation and thought she planned to kill them. In Party Nima felt Virat behaving weird she welcome her family members. Mona demanded Chinky to bring her boyfriend. She got disappointed learning Varun as Nima’s relative.

Later Nima family felt Virat acting strange. Nima shouts to save her when power went off. Gulshan gifted necklace to her and shared her happiness with her. Nima felt guilty for suspecting her then shared everything to Sunita

In the upcoming episode viewers will see; Virat will notice Priyal dancing outside. She will try to run from there seeing him. He will caught her red handed and take her in. Nima will drop down the tray in shock. Nima will enquire him what’s she doing here? Virat will inform her that he saw her in corridor and take her inside.

What will happen next? Will Nima forgive Priyal? When will Nima find out the truth?

Upcoming episode will answer to our all questions stay tune with our space for more updates