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Zee Tamil’s daily soap Ninaithale Inikkum serial never fails to engage its audiences with its unique storyline. Now the story moves towards the climax part. Is Rani is pregnant? Savitri’s henchmen informed the family that Rani was pregnant.

In the recent episode, we witnessed that, Rani will be perplexed by the doctor’s statement. She will give a medicine that harms her pregnancy. Rani will refuse to consume it when she is perplexed. Rani will be a lament alone. Savitri will be happy with her henchmen’s performance.

Siddharth will take care of Rani. Rani will hesitate to go to the hospital to dress her wound. Siddharth will call the doctor home. Savitri will fear the worst when the new doctor reaches Innupu Illam. The doctor will examine Rani and take her inside when Rani’s pulse rate is not normal.

The family will be informed of Rani’s pregnancy to Krishnaveni. Krishnaveni will visit Innupu Illam to bless her. She will notice Rani’s nuptial chain. The family will be busy with Siddharth and Rani’s nuptial function. Siddharth will argue with Rani. Savitri’s men will steal Rani’s nuptial thread from Rani.

Rani fears the worst when she returns home without a nuptial chain. Siddharth will refuse to come to function. Rani will be in tough times when Savitri asks for a nuptial chain. The family will scold Rani when she explains what happened on the roadside.

Will Siddharth attend the function? Will Siddharth tie the knot around Rani? Is Rani is pregnant? Will Siddharth accept Rani? The upcoming will answer all your questions. Keep checking the space for the latest update on your favourite Tamil show.