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Zee Tamil’s daily soap Ninaithale Inikkum serial never fails to engage its audiences with its unique storyline. Now the story moves towards the climax part. Siddharth avoids Rani after learning the truth. Will Siddharth accept Rani as his wife?

In the previous episode, we witnessed that,
Savitri was shocked when the signature was not in the document. Siddharth collected Pendrive from Prasanth.

In today’s episode, Rani informs the family about the pooja. Raghuvaran is scared of the worst and informs Thavamai about the pooja. Nethra, Thavamani, and Raghuvaran meet the occultist to stop the pooja. On the other hand, Rani meets Namobothri to perform the pooja. Rani brings the family.

The occultist with his power controls Boomi’s spirit. Rani conducts the rituals but Rani fails to appear in the ritual. The family fails to believe Rani’s words. The occultist locked Boomi’s spirit in the box. Boomi’s spirit shows the hunt to Rani. Siddharth lashes out at Rani when she enters home.

Rani comes to know Boomi’s problem and remedies for the problem. Rani decides to help Boomi. Namboothri locks Boomi’s spirit inside the box. Rani is on the way to the temple. Namboothri follows Rani.

On the other hand, Savitri’s goons follow Rani to kill her. Siddharth gets suspicious when Rani is not in the home. Siddharth comes to know Rani’s whereabouts.

Will Rani perform the ritual? Will Siddharth save Rani from Namboothri? Will the family accept Rani? Will Siddharth accept Rani? Will Rani marry Siddharth? Keep checking the space for the latest update on your favourite Tamil show.