Anupama is not a character, but an emotion. She is relatable to the millions of viewers out there. Anupama is shown to be strong. Sometimes viewers are confused by her pure nature. Anupama faces criticism for sometimes losing her self-respect and still trying to please Shahs.

Well, most recently, Anupama’s extra-care towards Yashdeep and Biji is uninteresting to the audience.  Fans are trolling Anupama for trying to be overfriendly with Yashdeep when, in the past, she has hurt Anuj.

Yashdeep, in the recent episode, has confessed feelings for Anupama. Biji asked Yashdeep if he had feelings for Anupama. Yashdeep assures Biji that Anupama is just a friend. On the other side, Anupama, who has started to consider Yashdeep, made the decision to take part in the Superstar Chef’s competition to save his restaurant.

Anupama’s angle with Yashdeep is a big no. The loyal viewers want to see Anupama’s single journey without any men. Anupama and Anuj’s jodi were hit. Fans want Anupama to clear up her misunderstanding with Anuj instead of moving on with Yashdeep. Elsewhere, Anuj is also disappointing the fans by choosing Shruti over Anupama. They are angry at Anuj for playing the victim card. Anuj disclosed that he is marrying Shruti for Aadya’s sake.

Fans still remember Anuj moving to Mumbai, leaving Anupama for Anu. Will Anupama and Anuj ever reunite? Time will only tell.

On the story front, Anupama wants to focus on winning the superstar chef competition to earn money for Yashdeep. Elsewhere, Anuj will ask Yashdeep to sell his restaurant to him. Will Yashdeep sell his restaurant to Anuj? How will Anupama react to learning about the deal between Yashdeep and Anuj? Well, time will only tell. 

Amid the twists and turns, Anupama’s latest TRP is 2.7.

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