Meenakshi gets shock of her watching Abir and Mishti together on television news. She rushes to hospital to check out her own about what is happening. 

Here, Mishti is unconscious holding hands of Abir. Abir tries to take his hands but in vain. Mishti comes to consciousness and Abir requests her to leave his hand. Mishti says she will only on one condition if he will tell her why he came after her in jungle to save her. 

Meenakshi enters the room and witness Abir conforming to doctor that he is Abir and he is with Mishti. Hearing this, Meenakshi gets angry. 

Kuhu has left hospital alone while Kunal was away just for few minutes. Kunal thinks that he was all the time with her and she left the hospital alone when he was gone just for few minutes.  

Nannu realizes that he should not let Mishti go away alone in jungle. He thinks that it was a dangerous thing to do and Mishti could have been hurt more badly. He decides to end the game they are playing for Mishti’s sake.

Later, Meenakshi will find the letter and will think that this is all the game plan of Mishti and Nishant M. She vows to take revenge and not to leave them at any cost while Mishti and Abir share romantic moments. 

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