After birthday celebrations jealous Abir got drunk and takes another way. Mishti follows him everywhere. Mishti says to Abir that he is getting affected by her proximity to Nanu. Abir says otherwise. They practice sword fight and get closer. But Abir again leaves Mishti. Mishti follows him again and they reach to a place decorated for Mishti’s birthday. Abit gets super jealous. He cuts the cake and feeds her. In removing the stain from her cheek, they share a romantic moment. He was about to kiss her on forehead when he hears Meenakshi’s voice who comes searching for Abir. 

Abir comes to senses and leaves Mishti alone. Mishti got the idea that what all Abir did in past was fake. To provoke him to tell her the truth, she makes a plan of hiding herself so that Abir comes for her search.

Abir heard Kuhu asking someone about Mishti going missing and get worried. However, Mishti in hiding thinking how Abir can reach to her by her cell phone but she will trip and fell into a pit. Her mobile will also falls from her hand. 

What do you think will happen next? Will Abir able to find Mishti or someone else will find? Will Abir tell her the truth of their break up? What will Meenakshi do when she will learn that Mishti is back and met Abir? Will Kunal ever realize what his brother has sacrificed for him? What will Nanu do next?

The endless questions have many possibilities. It is interesting to watch the angst of these two love birds and how they portray beautifully on screen. Their face off scene is going to be remarkable for sure, so is there proximity and jealousy.  

For more such updates, keep reading this space. Until then Let’s Get Buzzing!!