As known to viewers, Rohit asks Madhuri Dixit to be present in Ronakshi’s engagement ceremony as a dowry. He very cutely demands for her presence as he is her fan from childhood. If not so, then Sonakshi has to give penalty. A lip kiss as a penalty. 

Sonakshi tried all her resources to get to Madhuri Dixit only to discover that she is gone for a vacation in Sweden with her family. Unable to get Madhuri Dixit for engagement, Sonakshi shares her concern to Rohit. He says, in that case she should be ready for penalty then. This makes Sonakshi restless. 

With no other choice, Sonakshi decides to dance on her engagement on one of her songs. She even dressed as Madhuri Dixit and danced to the tunes of “Atharah baras ki kuwari kali thi…”. Rohit enjoy her dance moves.

Meantime, stalker has entered in Rohit’s house by throwing himself in front of Tanya’s car to show that its an accident. After the song, electricity goes off. At that time Sonakshi and Rohit are alone. Sonakshi thinks that its Rohit’s plans to take penalty. She says, that she didn’t know that he switched off electricity just to get his penalty. She adds, she is ready, he can take his penalty and closes her eyes. Sonakshi completely trusts Rohit. But, to viewer’s shock, it was not Rohit but stalker. Disguised as Rohit, he gradually marches towards Sonakshi to kiss her. 

Will stalker be able to kiss Sonakshi? Will Sonakshi open her eyes to know the truth? Shall Rohit interrupt? Will electricity come back on time and true face of stalker be revealed? Monday is going to a day to seek answers all these questions. Don’t miss the episode. 

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