The episode starts with Ji Hyul sitting confused with his luggage in his hospital when Ja Young barged in. She asks if he’s moving back to Seoul and he says yes. He agrees that he’s hypocrite to confess his feelings to her at such moment and feels that he deserves her rejection. All of a sudden Ja Young kisses him shocking him. Soon he too starts responding when they hear Nurse Yeong Suk coming and Ja Young immediately hides. They both meet out and decides to date in private as word spread across village. Ji Hyul agree for Ja Young.

Ja Young comes home happily and informs Nurungji about her dating Doctor Han. She gets herself ready with herbal face mark. Ji Hyul calls her out she leaves with him. When asked about where they are going he says that he’s going to give her a tour ti his clinic. He takes her to the place and the both share some romantic time. He mainly took her to Seoul to prove that their relationship can be continued. Ja Young’s and Ju Hyul spends some romantic moments before having food at road side stall and drops her back st her place. They are head over heels in love.

Ja Young again shares with Nurungji about how Ji Hyul wants her to identify him as Honey or baby. She tries it with Nurungji. Next day at police station, Ja Young’s colleagues watches surprised seeing her smile ear to ear. She gets startled when Ji Hyul barges in and takes her with him for some work. In car, he made her lie down to rest and is about to kiss her when they gets disturbed by Seon Dong and jus girlfriend. They say that they are dating in secret too scared for the people in the village. Soon they gets called for work and Ja Young is with women organisation who helps them fix a fan. They also notice the glow on her face and questions about it. The other town lady comes adding for favours from Ja Young. Ja hound turns it down due to her nasty behaviour again.

Ja Young and Ji Hyul were in car as they discuss about their pet name. They sit down at a food place as complete strangers meeting by accident. After the food they decideyto name each other as Dot seeing a mole. They visit Sang Hyeon and Ja Young reveals about her affair to him. Sang Hyeon approves it and they both go back walking to Ja Young’s house. Ju Hyul and they share a kiss where they gets interrupted by another person again.