The episode starts with Ji Hyul and Ja Young facing each other. Later they both started avoiding each other unable to break the ice. The old man found Ja Young upset and asks if it’s because of Ji Hyul and she pretends like it’s not true. Ji Hyul is also lost in Ja Young’s thought when Seon Dong came with his friend Hui Won as her rabbit had diarrhoea. She pleaded Ji Hyul to save her rabbit. She says her parents were already ready to buy her new one but she only wants this. Ji Hyul checks it and finds that its too Young. He says that he’ll examine it and asks them to wait outside. He finds Hui Won showing cold shoulders to Seon Dong and says that she’ll visit another friend’s house Gui which is nearby. Ji Hyul examines the rabbit and comes out to find Seon Dong upset. When asked about it its revealed that Hui won is the girl Seon Dong likes and she’s angry with him as he forgot the gift she got for him.

Seon Dong asks Ju Hyul’s advice to convince her as she’s not speaking with her despite his attempts. He advises Seon Dong to give some space to Hui won until things settle and Seon Dong agrees with it. Ji Hyul indirectly asks about Ja Young pretending to be cared about Seon Dong’s school. Seon Dong says that it’s summer holidays and is even more scared that Hui won would have forgotten him after the long leave. Ja Young comes across upset Seon Dong and asks what’s the matter. Seon Dong narrated whatever happened and Ja Young calls Ji Hyul’s advice absurd. She says that he must keep apologizing her until she forgives him as its his mistake that he forgot something so important. Seon Dong agrees and leaves.

Ji Hyul comes to his clinic to find crying Seon Dong. He says about following Ja Young’s advise but Hui Won is not convinced. Ji Hyul asks him to disappear from Hui won’s sight until she searches for him. He takes it literally and leaves. Ji Hyul meets with Ja Young who tries to be cordial with him. However their moment got interrupted by Seon Hyeon. Ja Young shared with Seon Hyun about Ji Hyul recalling the past however she wants it to be left it that way as anyhow he would return to Seoul. Ji Hyul also shares his problem with his friend who’s outraged at Ji Hyul’s narcissistic behaviour.

Ji Hyul rushes to police station upon knowing that Hui won got a text that stated Seon Dong would never come in front of her. Hui won is worried about Seon Dong. Both Ja Young and Ji Hyul search for Seon Dong around the town while Ja Young scolds Ji Hyul for his stupid advice. In the meantime they both talked about their issue and Ji Hyul apologized Ja Young. He says that those were the only happy moments in that year in his life for him. Seon Dong is found and Ja Young takes him home.