In ZeeTV popular show Ishq Subhan Allah, one year leap will be there and after the leap Zara and Kabir’s love story to take new turns.


Serial Ishq Subhan Allah is all set to show one year leap and this leap is going to change many things amid Zara and Kabir.

As seen in the episodes, Kabir has already warned Zara not to take Kausar’s case else he will not allow her to come back into his life and house. Zara was shocked hearing that and she said no to Kausar. For Kausar, Zara was the only ray of hope. She thought if Zara will fight she will get justice but when Zara said no to her Kausar got dishearten and decided to end her life. Kausar attempted suicide but she was saved. When Zara came to know about Kausar’s act she decided to fight her case and go to Sharia board.

Kabir repeatedly asked Zara to save their relation by not going to Sharia board but Zara prepares to leave the house and bids farewell to the members of the family.

Zara and Kabir both stepped down towards Shaira board and the duo had an argument on working rights for women. While on the other side Shahbaz makes a call to someone and asked that person to kill Zara, without harming Kabir. Zara came out of Sharia board and sniper shooted her. Kabir ran to save Zara but the gunman shooted at her chest again and they both fallen down recalling all their romantic moments.

Now ahead in the upcoming episodes story will take one year leap and it will be interesting to watch what will happen next.

As per the sources Zara and Kabir will head towards divorce and it will be exciting to see- do divorce twists will bring them closer or the duo will be separated forever.

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