Shaheer Sheikh has been in the industry since over a decade. He has done a variety of roles in his long career garnering appreciation for himself and his work. Something that has stayed consistent throughout his career is his chemistry with his female co-stars. His pairing with every single co-star of his has been loved to the depth.
Let’s have a look at the leading ladies of Shaheer who have pushed him forward over the years!

Soumya Seth

Shaheer starred in the Star Plus’s ‘Navya…Naye Dhadkan Naye Sawal’ in his first GEC stint opposite Soumya Seth who played the titular character. Soumya and Shaheer were the fan favourites of teenagers and were the cutest couple when the show was on air. The duo also shared a cute friendship bond off-screen too and went on to be friends even after the show’ end.

Pooja Sharma

Shaheer and Pooja’s chemistry sparked in the epic saga of Swastik Productions’ ‘Mahabharata’. Pooja was a performer who was always at par with Shaheer in terms of performances and they lit every single frame they came in together. Even though Pooja was new she managed to create a fan frenzy for herself with her superlative acting skills.

Erica Fernandes

Erica and Shaheer’s love story managed to become a rage. ‘Kuch Rang Pyaar ke Aise Bhi’ is one of the classic shows today and Erica held her ground in the role of a Bengali nutritionist. Erica and Shaheer’s chemistry became the talk of the town. Erica for her performance even won the prestigious Asian Viewers Television Award.

Sonarika Bhadoria

Sonarika and Shaheer were paired together in ‘Daastaan-E-Mohabbat: Salim Anarkali’. Sonarika had previously been part of more traditional shows like ‘Prithvi Vallabh’ and ‘Devon Ke Dev. . .Mahadev’ and has always been appreciated. But this show gave her a space to exist in the couple universe. Her chemistry with Shaheer always seemed old school and had classic vibes of old times. The pairing fit show’s setting too.

Rhea Sharma

Shaheer and Rhea are the talk of town right now. Their chemistry is being loved by thousands. Rhea’s charm and simplicity compliments Shaheer’s positive persona just enough to make them enchanting. Rhea amd Shaheer’s characterization helps bringing magic alive too. Rhea is certainly one of the best faces Shaheer has been paired with till now.

We love all these beauties with Shaheer. Who is your favourite? Tell us in the comments and till then let’s get biiiizzzzziiiinnnn’!!!!!!!