He was busy studying civil engineering and was in his second year, when a phone call literally changed singer-composer Oye Kunaal’s life. Within a day, Kunaal, who is known for the numbers Aaj Tera Mera Saath Hai, Hanjua Di Tha, Shukar Kar and Patola, was on a flight to Mumbai with the start of a brand new career in his hands.

“My career journey has been such I was in civil engineering and my focus was on youth festivals. I was in the second year, when I got a call that changed my life. I used to make songs, not professionally, but just for fun and my dad had made a studio for me. I made a song and uploaded it on a website and within 2 days, I had 1.5 million downloads. I got a push with this. Someone heard this song in Mumbai and called me. He told me that my music was good and he wanted to work with me. He sent me something and asked me to compose it and send. I did so in 15 mins. I did the music also for that piece in the next 30-40 mins, he really liked it. Within half an hour, he sent me flight tickets to Mumbai. I was shocked but my father supported me. He said it is a risk but I must take it. He didn’t stop me and I came to Mumbai and this artist, who is very established and well known, gave me a flat to stay and a servant. The film didn’t release but the songs will be coming out soon,” he says.

Oye Kunaal has always been fond of music, right since his school days. “I never knew that I will compose or produce music. I used to do a lot of youth festivals in school. I passed out of DAV school and was weak in my studies. In youth festivals, you get to travel and people view you differently, and I loved that. I liked singing and I did youth festivals in college too. Once someone sent me software to make music, and I recorded a song at one point. I got such a kick from that that I started investing more time in it. I have never learnt music or singing from anyone. I used to make music every night and I have no idea how I got into professional music. I did a song for someone in Punjab for Rs. 2000 and I remember I was so happy at that time,” he says.

He adds, “I have never taken any formal training. I used to make music every night, my dark circles are a testimony to that.”

The singer-composer had quite a start in the industry. “My debut was with T series with the song Aaj Tera Mera Saath Hai. I have composed and sung the song. It got viral and got 9 million views on YouTube,” he says.