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Today the episode begins with Meena learns Janardhan’s evil plan. Meena lashes out at Janardhan. Later, she leaves the supermarket saying she will never come to looks after the supermarket. She gets Kayal from Janardhan and leaves the supermarket. Janardhan tells her to go in his car. Meena refuses and leaves angrily.
On the other side, Kathir returns home. On the way home, he notices Meena and Kayak. He notices them and stops the scooter suddenly in front of Meena. Meena is scared when he suddenly stops the scooter.

Kathir asks Meena if the work is done. Meena says I will never go there. Kathir asks Meena what happened. Meena says that in the supermarket he gives compliments to the customer, I advise him not to give the compliments, he is not ready to listen to me so I leave the supermarket. Meena pours out her grief with Kathir. Meena asks Kathir to drop her off at home. Kathir agrees to drop her off at home. Kathir tells her to sit carefully with Kayal. Meena and Kathir reach home.

Meena gets down from the scooter and instructs Kathir to come later. Kathir says this is my home too. Kathir asks Meena why are you telling me not to come now. Meena says that Mulla will scold you if we go together. Kathir says Mulla is a good girl she won’t say anything. Mulla and Dhanam are sitting together and chatting. Meena and Kathir enter home together. Mulla looks at them.

Dhanam asks Meena if the work is done. Meena informs the family that she will never go to the supermarket. Dhanam asks Meena who will look after the supermarket. Meena says Janardhan will take care of the supermarket. Dhanam gets Kayal from Meena and asks why are looking dull. Meena says that Kathir dropped us off at home. Mulla stares at him. Dhanam tells Meena to put hot water for Kayal’s bath. Meena agrees and goes inside. Dhanam takes Kayal and goes inside. Mulla asks Kathir why are you brought Meena. Meena overhears the conversation and argues with Mulla. Mulla and Meena argue in front of Kathir. Later, Kathir and Mulla spend quality time together.

The family spends quality time together. Kannan asks Dhanam when will Kayal talk, when will Kayal walk. Dhanam says she will speak after one year of age. The family spends quality time with Kayal. Mulla keeps looking at the entrance. Jeeva notices Mulla. She reminds quietly and looking at the entrance. Jeeva says to Mulla that Kathir will come.

Dhanam asks Jeeva about Kathir. Jeeva says Kathir went to buy a poster. Kathir comes with the poster. Meena urges him to show the poster. The family looks at the poster and appreciates Kathir. Mulla becomes overjoy when the family appreciates Kathir. Kathir, Jeeva decide to paste up the poster themselves. Meena tells Jeeva not to do that. Mulla argues with Meena when she tells Jeeva not to do.

with this, the episode ends.