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The episode starts with Kannan, Mullai and Meena comes out and searching for the car. Meena questions them where is the car whom stopped this truck in front of their house? Where will they park their car if it stands here? Meena asks Jeeva to clear the truck from there. Moorthy informs to Meena this is their new vehicle they brought it today. Meena asks him to stop playing with her. Where is the car. Jeeva to says it’s their new truck they brought it fit business purpose. Dhanam checks the truck and praises the design and color of it. Meena makes faces and leaves from there. Kannan shows his disappointment and leaves. Mullai says to Moorthy she expected to see car that’s why disappointed to see the truck here.

It’s ok its also good. Dhanam assures to her husband they will understand soon. Jeeva enters into his room in the fear what will Meena say now? He forward the milk to her. Meena questions him Is first night gonna happen here why is he blushing like this? He remains silent in order to avoid problem. Jeeva questions her why didn’t she go out? Meena tells him that if she go out she can able to see the truck that’s will be a insult to her.

Meena questions him why did he brought this truck? He tells her that it’s for businesses purpose. Meena questions him Is Car and Truck same? Jeeva asks her to calm down they can buy car next time. She questions him doesn’t they brought the truck in that money? She said to her mom they are gonna buy new car. How will she answer to them when they will asks about car? Jeeva tells her they are not living for others she can manage them. Meena lashes out him and asks him to go out.

Dhanam consoles Moorthy that Meena and Mullai will understand them soon. Jeeva comes there and sits with them. Dhanam questions him doesn’t he sleep yet? He says to her that he came out hearing their discussion? Dhanam questions him doesn’t Meena get angry on him for buying truck? He tells her that she stopped talking about the car after they returned the car but she got disappointed after seeing truck in car place. Dhanam says to him they are lack of money now they can buy a car after they get amount. Kathir tells them they can buy it soon. Moorthy says to them he can get a loan in bank to buy a car.

Dhanam says that no need of it they can buy it after collecting the money. Dhanam shares her happiest moments to all. Kathir questions them Is they can travel in the truck? Moorthy nods to him. Moorthy asks Dhanam to take medicine on time. Jeeva is thinking about Moorthy’s word.

Jeeva keeps thinking about the incident and places the pandiayan stores name board on truck. He feels happy to see it. He placed the chair inside the truck and arranged a bed at back side. Meena comes out and notices Jeeva is sleeping in hall. She tries to wakes him up. He gets up and says they can buy car so stop beating him. She questions him is he dreamt? Why did he sleeping here? Is he thinking she will fight with him. Jeeva takes her out and shows the decorations of the truck go her. She makes faces after seeing it. He questions her how is it? She says that decorations is good but this decoration is too much to this truck. He says to her they can travel in this truck. She teases him for saying like this.

He calls Dhanam to checks it. She gets surprises to see it and praises it. Dhanam calls everyone to show this to them. They checks it and praises the decorations. Dhanam says that Jeeva decorated this all over night. Meena says to Mullai that they are planning to go out in it all people gonna tease them. Kannan and Kathir praises him but Meena sigh in disappointed.

Episode end.