Pandian Stores is a popular Tamil language drama that airs on Star Vijay and streams on Disney + Hotstar. Due to its popularity, it was remade in several languages. The story mainly focused of the unity of a joint family after the entry of new daughters-in-law, Meena and Mulla.

Sathyamoorthy lives happily along with his brothers Jeeva, Kathir and Kannan and his caring wife Dhanalakshmi. They run a grocery store named Pandian stores which is famous in their locality. Dhanam is often criticized by her relatives for not having children repeatedly, although her brothers-in-law did not let it affect her.

Murugan’s daughter Mullai desires to marry Jeeva. Jeeva tells the family that he cannot marry Mullai after seeing Meena. Later, Dhanam decides to get Mullai married to Kathir, the younger brother to Jeeva. Jeeva marries Meena and Kathir, Mullai.

In this previous week this what happen .. Mulla and Karthir share some quality time on their drive to Chennai. Later, she apologizes after learning a truth about him.. Karthir is in trouble.. Mehr meets Dhanam after she newly moves to her own. Kannan looked at her.. Anand’s car suddenly breakdown..

 Later, a lorry driver offers help when Karthir’s car breaks down. Karthir refuses.. Later With Mulla compellations, the journey continued…. by lorry.. Karthir and Mulla talk about their childhood and families. Meanwhile, Jeeva feels overwhelmed reminiscing Jeeva.. 

Karthir and Mulla arrive in Chennai and they go to Kathir’s friend, Senthil’s house. Later, Mehr makes fun of Kannan.. Karthir, Mulla went to the beach.. Karthir losses his cool when a program crew pranks on him.. Karthir spends some quality time with Mulla.. Moorthy advises Kannan to be mindful about his feelings towards Mehr.

Later, Senthil makes a plan to go to the beach resort with Karthir and Mulla. Senthil questions Karthir about his plans of having a baby.. Later, Padma plays a prank on Senthil and Karthir of being eve teased by a few men.. Janardhan decided to stay Meena in their home permanently..  Mulla and Kathir’s intimate moments..

Padma creates a scene when Senthil mocks her father.  Kathir ,Mulla, Padma, Senthil go on a day out.. Jeeva feels elated after visiting Meena and his newborn daughter..  Kathir opens up to Mulla about his feelings for her. Later, the couple arrives at their relative’s function..

In the next upcoming episode.. Mulla went to clothing store to buy that dress for Kathir.. Everyone is search Mulla in home.. Kathir in shock…

Will Mulla and Karthir stay for a week? When will Mulla and Kathir go to hospital? Will Dhanam have a baby? Will Jeeva show the baby photo to everyone?  What will be the name? Will Doctor allow to see Meena and her child? When will they discharge Meena? Upcoming episode will answer it…

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