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Pandian Stores is a famous Vijay Tv show. This show entertains the viewers every day with a lot of twists and turns in their storyline. Earlier we saw that Kannan was sent out of the house. He wished to see her mother when she falls sick. She died. Kannan didn’t see her mother. Kannan performed rites for Lakshmi. Now views will see Moorthy will avoid Kannan.

In the previous episode, Aishwarya offered emotional support to devasted Kannan. Kannan performed the last rites to Lakshmi. Moorthy took his mother’s ashes home with his brothers except Kannan. Kannan and Aishwarya touched the ashes. Moorthy, Kathir, Jeeva immersed Lakshmi’s ashes without Kannan. Kannan regretted his deed. Dhanam remembered Lakshmi’s last words. Kannan and Aishwarya stood outside when the family having lunch.
Moorthy distanced himself from Kannan.
Moorthy justified his actions to Kathir and Jeeva.

In today’s episode, Murugan and Pavarthy leave Moorthy’s house. The family is mourning the loss of Lakshmi. Dhanam packs food for Kannan. She gives it to Saravanan. Moorthy suspects when Saravanan having a lunch bag. Kannan regrets his actions. He is unsure about his current situation. Kannan shatters about Moorthy’s distance. At that moment, Saravanan brings lunch for Kannan and Aishwarya. Saravanan informs Kannan that this lunch was given by Dhanam. Kannan feels relieved and has lunch with Aishwarya. Moorthy is mourning the loss of Lakshmi. Dhanam feels the movements of her baby. Moorthy tells Dhanam to sleep. Dhanam has a dream. Dhanam scares when she sees Lakshmi in her dream.

Will Dhanam shares her dream with the family? When will Moorthy and his family return to normal life?
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