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The episode starts with Bhavin holding Chiku strongly and trying to hurt him but the latter overpowers him. Dhawal and Natasha are still dancing and realises that Chiku is not around. Bhavin and Chiku get into fight and the former ends up getting beaten. Bhavin tricks Chiku and makes him fall too. Both of them get drenched in color and puddle too. Dhawal tries to stop them for fighting but Chiku blames Natasha for enjoying him getting insulted. Natasha tells Dhawal not to interfere as this is between her and Chiku and she will handle it.

Natasha calms Chiku and tells him that dama is waiting so they should go for the pujan first. Shalini gets informed about Pandya Store’s pujan. Chiku pays a guy to call Amrish aside. Natasha apologises to Dhawal for hurting him. Dhawal first pushes her away and then drags her close saying she is hiding something from him. He tells he is feeling helpless and asks her to say him what is making her doing all this. Natasha feels emotional but is unable to tell anything. The person paid by Chiku informs Amrish as told by him.

Dhawal and Natasha gets dragged by others to play Holi and get thrown in water tub. Dhawal and Natasha plays in the tub while balam pichkari plays in the background. Chiku gets hold of Amrish and drags him aggressively. He puts Amrish’s face into water tub. Dhawal and Natasha thinks to find Chiku and Amrish before something happens. Chiku repeatedly puts in Amrish’s head in water . Natasha and Dhawal try to stop Chiku for doing so while Isha is left shocked seeing the situation. Natasha threatens Chiku to hurt herself if he doesn’t stop so he finally leaves Amrish.

Isha takes Amba with her. Natasha questions Chiku if his revenge is important for him or their Pandya Store. Amrish again tries to provoke Chiku calling him coward to attack from back. Natasha takes promise from Chiku and sends him home. She asks him to come directly at Store. Natasha is left alone as Dhawal takes Amrish aside. Isha asks Amba that Amrish poked Chiku so much that he was about to take his life. She says about how she herself gave the property papers to Amba which is heard by Chiku. Chiku comes there and confronts Isha about the same.

Chiku angrily questions Isha to tell the truth. Isha ends up accepting that Natasha manipulated her by emotionally blackmailing her. Amba thinks now she will not be able to use this as bait to control Natasha. Chiku is left disheartened knowing the truth. He thinks Natasha did not do right by cheating her own brother for Makwanas. The episode ends.


Natasha will be doing pujan when Chiku will throw the plate away and confront her for cheating him. He will say that God should not give sister like her to anyone. Chiku will also tell that he is going away forever.

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