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The episode starts with Esha telling Chiku that Natasha emotionally fooled her to give papers. She also states that Natasha marrying Shashank was just part of her plan. Chiku recalls everything and how Natasha asked him to return property papers back to Makwanas. Chiku thinks Natasha did not do right by cheating him for Makwanas. Dhawal prays that no drama should happen. Natasha tells Suman that Chiku has not returned yet. Suman says she will handle him and asks her to complete the puja and take her inlaws back.

Natasha starts puja by paying respect to her parents and ancestors. Amba scolds Esha for telling truth to Chiku. Esha tells that Chiku is only one who loves her so she will not go against him. Chiku throws away the puja plate from Natasha’s hand shocking everyone. Chiku confronts Natasha about her actions. Dhawal tells him to talk properly to Natasha as she is not only his sister but Dhawal’s wife too. Chiku says he has been a fool to fight against everyone for her respect while she herself broke his trust. He tells about how their parents sacrificed their lives for relationships .

Natasha apologises to Chiku crying and hugs him. She tells that he was too busy in taking revenge and forgot everything else. She states that she did all of this for him but Chiku pushes her away. Chiku asks Natasha how she could do this to her brother who is even ready to give his life for her. Natasha tells she had no other option and even today if she did not reach on time he might have killed Amrish. This would lead him to go to jail. She tells that Esha knows everything, so she stole papers with her help.

Esha tells that all this was planned by Natasha so that she can marry Dhawal and gain Makwanas trust. She tells that even she was manipulated by Natasha and the latter would have stole papers anyhow. Natasha says she had no other options as her brother was going on wrong path. Chiku tells that he is not her brother and she is not his sister. Chiku says that when he was away from her he used to tie Rakhi on her behalf to himself and prayed for her well being but in return she cheated him. He says he hopes no one gets sister like Natasha.

Chiku tells he is leaving Pandyas forever. Suman still sides with Natasha saying she has always tried to keep relations intact. Dolly complements how Natasha went all out for getting them their property back. Pranali tells she is unable to understand why she kept conditions to them. Chiku tells Suman that she proved her words about Chiku being fake Pandya as he has been adopted and real Pandya is Natasha. The episode ends with Natasha crying.


Natasha will think about Chiku leaving the house, Suman getting brainstoke and then the conditions she has kept. Dhawal will confront Natasha about who is blackmailing her to do so and will give her swear on his name. Natasha will confess that Amba had asked her to do so shocking Dhawal.

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Pandya Store 11th April 2024 Written Update: Chiku comes to know the truth