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The episode starts with Natasha requesting Chiku not to say negative things and he is her brother. She cries and begs him not to leave. Natasha says Chiku that he is Pandya and will always be. She holds her ears and apologizes to Chiku. Suman also tells Chiku same but Chiku says her not to act. He questions if she would have helped her enemies if there was anyone else in his place. Suman slaps Chiku and pushes him away. Chiku says truth is that Suman doesn’t consider him part of family as she sees him only as Shweta’s son.

Natasha tells Chiku that he should question her and not Dama as she has cried for more than 11 years for him. Chiku calls Natasha a cheater and asks her to remove Pandya from her name and use only Makwana as she is behaving like them. Suman requests Chiku not to insult his own sister and relations. Chiku tells Suman not to worry as he is leaving forever. He says she will never hear his voice again. Natasha holds her ears and says Chiku not to say things like this as she has lost him once in childhood and doesn’t want to lose him again.

Natasha holds Chiku’s hands apologising to him and trying to stop him but he pushes her away. Dhawal scolds Yash and reminds him to behave properly as Natasha is his wife too. Natasha tells that now Chiku is angry so he is speaking like this. She again begs Chiku not to leave. Chiku tells Natasha she has no right to stop him as she has died for him and vice versa. Chiku addresses her as Natasha Makwana and asks if she is happy as she has got what she wanted.

Shalini thinks using road as an excuse she can color Amrish in holi and he will not be able to deny it. Natasha says that Chiku is doing wrong by questioning her existence and addresses herself as Natasha Pandya. Chiku questions if she has ever thought about them and if she thought of getting Pandya Store reconstructed which has been in ruins since three months. Chiku says Natasha never felt that Pandya house and Store needs her too as she was too busy in her in law’s house. Chiku questions Isha if she will leave behind all the relationships and come with her.

Suman tells Chiku that everything will happen the way he wants and begs him not to leave. The latter says he has been alone and will always be. Chiku emotionally says them not to stop him. Isha tells Chiku that he has said once but not to repeat it. She holds his hands and says she will always stay with him. Makwanas get shocked hearing her decision to leave with Chiku. The episode ends with Natasha challenging Chiku that she will prove him wrong.


Natasha will worry about Chiku leaving the house, Suman getting brain stroke and then conditions kept to her. Dhawal will confront her about what conditions is she talking about. Natasha will tell him about Amba’s blackmailing.

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