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The episode starts with Anita shouting at Shiva for cutting her hair and cries. Raavi slaps Shiva shocking all. Shiva pushes Raavi shouting how she dared to touch him, they she doesn’t share any relation with him or his family after what she did with Anita and asks her to get out. Raavi shouts that she’s not scared of him, all problem solution isn’t fighting. Raavi says that she will call police. Shiva shouts that he will kill Raavi’s whole family.

Gautam shouts at Shiva and slaps him multiple times. Rishita stops Gautam. Suman says that Shiva has done right and scolds Gautam for beating his brother. Gautam says that police will punish Shiva for his act. Anita thinks that she will caught if police arrives, so she pretends to have forgotten everything and asks who she’s and who they all are. Prafulla says that Anita got a shock after Shiva cut her hairs. Prafulla curses Pandyas.

Suman curses Prafulla and Anita. They hear police sirens sound. Rishita says to Raavi that she did wrong by calling police, it’s their family problem and what police will do in this. She asks Raavi to take her complaint back, they will sort out this. Raavi says that it’s about a woman’s dignity and life. Anita was wrong, but what Shiva has done is also wrong, if he can punish Anita, she can punish Shiva too. Raavi asks Rishita what same happened to her sister.

Rishita says that her sister will never do such cheap act. Police arrives there. Prafulla says to the inspector that Shiva cut her daughter’s hair and she has proof, she recorded the incident. The inspector slaps Shiva and asks if he’s not ashamed to misbehave with a woman. The inspector arrests Shiva and drags him out. Shiva shouts that he will take revenge on them after coming out. Suman says that Shiva is innocent and asks him to leave.

A nurse informs DR. Patel that the patient Dhara is missing which shocks the doctor. The latter asks the nurse to look for Dhara in the hospital. The nurse says that a wardboy saw Dhara going out. DR Patel says that they have to inform her husband. The nurse says that he took his mom to home. DR. Patel phones Gautam and informs that Dhara is missing from the hospital and someone saw her going out. He asks Gautam to call her.

Meanwhile Dhara is walking on the road recalling how happy her family was after knowing that she is pregnant and all the dream she had with Gautam about their child. Yadon ki baaraat sad version plays in the BG. Dhara sits on the road side and recalls whatever happened in the hospital and cries. Dhara angrily asks why everytime she was given hope to become a mother then that hope got destroyed.

Dhara looks her reflection on the mirror. She recalls Dhara shouting her. She screams and breaks the mirror. She shouts that it would have been better if Shiva killed her instead of cutting her hair. She takes out her cutted hair from the drawer and shouts that she wants her hair back. Prafulla sees Anita with the cutted hair and says that’s the proof and asks Anita to stop overreacting. Prafulla says that it’s bond to happen after what she did. Prafulla scolds Anita and leaves.

Dr Gupta tells the receptionist to inform police about Dhara’s missing. He leaves. A couple come to the receptionist and says that their six months baby who caught shifted from the hospital where fire accident happened and she’s missing, they request the receptionist to find their baby. Meanwhile Dhara hears a baby crying sound and goes to check. She finds a newborn crying. She lifts the baby. She tries to calm the baby by singing a song. She hugs the baby crying

The episode ends.

Precap: Dhara is hiding in Pandya Store godown with the baby. Kaka comes there to get an item and stops hearing baby crying sound.

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Pandya Store 13th January 2022 Written Update: Anita faces Shiva’s wrath