The episode starts with Krish asking Dhara where he should put Raavi’s suitcases. Dhara scolds him for calling Raavi by her name. Krish calms her down and repeats the question. Dhara decides to give the storeroom that she prepared for herself and Gautam to Raavi. Guatam comes there and says that she already gave her room to Dev and he will not let her give the storeroom to Raavi and sleep in the hall. Dhara says that she knows he loves her very much, but they should think about the newly come daughters-in-law. They wonder which room to give to whom. Gautam says that if they give their room to Rishita, Raavi feel bad and vice versa. Dhara says that they decorated the room for Raavi and Dev. She further says that Raavi’s wish can’t be fulfilled. They can at least give her the room. Gautam says that he’s worried about Rishita. Dhara assures Gautam that she will talk to Rishita.

Other side Prafula wakes up startled seeing a nightmare about Shiva. Anita comes to Prafula hearing her screams. Prafula says that her life is at risk because of Shiva so they should bring back Raavi home and asks to call her friend’s sister who is a lawyer.

Dhara stops Shiva from going to the shop and asks to shift Raavi’s and his belongings to their room. She then tells Dev to shift his and Rishita’s belongings to the storeroom. She adds that she knows that room isn’t good, but requests him to adjust until some times. Dev says that he already troubled them lot and he doesn’t want to trouble them more. He and Rishita will stay in the hall and he will talk to Rishita. She has to adjust. Dhara says that Rishita just got married, she will also have dreams and it’s wrong to ask her adjust in the first day itself. She asks him to do as she says. Shiva takes Raavi’s suitcase to the room. Her suitcase opens and the things fall.

Kalyani cries remembering Rishita. She wants to know how she’s doing. She searches for Dev’s phone to enquire about her. She gets the number, but Bua comes there and stops her. She scolds Kalyani. She says that she burnt Rishita’s belongings to calme Janardhan down and she tries to pour oil on the flames.

Dhara brings Raavi and Rishita to the hall. Dhara asks Raavi to go her room and tells Dev to take Rishita his room. Dev takes Rishita with him. Raavi recalls how she was excited to decorate her room. She walks towards the room recalling Shiva and her arguments. Shiva notices a gift for Dev while trying to arrange Rabbi’s suitcase.

Rishita finds the room very small and says that she can’t stay in that room. She adds that she didn’t leave her house to stay in that small room. Shiva intervenes and asks Dev to make Rishita understand that they’re not rich. There’s only two room and Dhara decided to give her room to him. Dhara stops Shiva. Rishita notices Dhara’s room and goes in. She decides that she and Dev will stay here. She notices a suitcase and gifts for Dev. She puts the luggages outside the room. Family looks shocked. Rishita says that Shiva is saying that the room belongs to Dev and his wife. She’s Dev’s wife and not Raavi so she has rights on that room and also Dev is elder than Shiva and she’s the elder daughter-in-law. Dhara says in that case she is the elder daughter-in-law of this house. The room was hers and Raavi askef for the room before the marriage. Rishita says that she’s doing partiality with her, just because Raavi is her relative. She adds that when Dev is fully for her. Raavi cries.

The episode ends.

Precap : Shiva asks Dev to go and live in Janardhan’s house. Gautam is about to slap Shiva. Dhara stops him. Rishita and Dev argue.