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The episode starts with Natasha coming to hospital with Dhawal and inquiring about Suman and her brothers. Nurse informs that they have been sent home by the doctor. Natasha comes to her home and finds Suman lying lifelessly while neighbors are chanting holy mantras around her. Natasha recalls her warning given to Sesh not to take DaMa home. She scolds Sesh for bringing her from hospital. Natasha notices Sesh carrying Ganga jal and slaps him repeatedly. Natasha tells that her DaMa is still alive and asks everyone why they are already mourning. She tells Kanta that Suman is not so weak to give up so easily.

Natasha notices the incense sticks too and puts them away. She lifts Suman’s head in her lap and starts singing O Palan Hare. Mithu also comes and sits beside her. Even Sesh comes and joins them. They keep crying and praying together. Suman is still lying lifeless. Natasha tells that everyone can lose hope but she will not give up. She says that no one else loves her like she does and left her already so she cannot lose her anymore. Natasha says that she will die too if anything happens to her.

Natasha urges Suman to get up and prove Kanta wrong. She keeps crying asking Suman to get up. Suman finally opens her eyes and Mithu notices it. He tells Natasha and Sesh that Suman opened her eyes. Dhawal reaches there with doctor. Pranali and Dolly feeling guilty of not listening to Natasha the other day. Hetal also tells that they should forget Natasha’s conditions and go to help Suman. Amrish comes there and says that they cannot help her as contract tells that if they interfere in Natasha’s personal matters, she will leave the house with Dhawal and he cannot afford losing him.

Dolly feels nauseous and rushes to washroom. Doctor informs Natasha that even after such severe brain stroke , Suman has opened her eyes which is positive sign. However, Suman addresses Natasha as Dhara. Doctor informs that because of stroke her old memories are reactivated so they should show her what she is thinking of. Dhawal tells that they will Dhara and Gautam too but help Suman recover. Suman asks Natasha to press her head. On other hand, Dolly keeps vomiting and calls for Chirag. She signs him and tells that he is going to become a father.

Makwana family gets happy hearing the same. Everyone congratulates Chirag and Dolly. Amba cries and says that it’s such a big news and they did not even inform her. Amrish tells her not to be upset and celebrate becoming grandmother again. Amrish tells Bhavin to take inspiration from Chirag. Dhawal hugs Natasha and confronts her for not trusting him. He asks her who is actually one behind the papers her or Amba. Natasha accepts that she did all this being blackmailed by Amba. The episode ends with Dhawal being shocked.


Dhawal will tell Amba that husband and wife complete each other. He will confront her and tell that he needs to go to Natasha as she needs him. Amba will be shattered seeing Dhawal leaving the Makwana house.

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