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The episode starts with Dhara bumping into a lady. The lady sees Dhara’s missing news on the TV placed a shop. She asks Dhara why she has run away from the hospital,if her family has done something. She offers to drop her at her home. Dhara refuses. The lady wants to call the police. Dhara runs away. The lady informs police about Dhara. Dhara takes the baby and comes to tea stall and asks for milk. She says that she doesn’t have money and asks to take her gold ring for milk. The tea seller refuses and agrees to give her milk.

At Pandya store, a customer tells Kaka that he heard that Dhara is missing and Gautam is finding her. He saw Gautam consuming alcohol. Kaka gets angry and holds the customer’s collar. The customer says that Shiva is in Jail and don’t know where Dev and others are. Kaka makes him leave. Kaka gets worried that they don’t of stock of groceries. He says that if he informs Dev about the situation, he will come back without getting the items. He wonders what to do. Dhara feeds the baby milk. Police shows Dhara’s photo to people and enquires if they saw her. Dhara gets shocked noticing Prafulla going by that side. She says that Prafulla must have followed her and wonderes why they can’t leave her and her baby alone. She knows a place where they can stay peacefully. She thanks the tea seller and leaves with baby. Prafulla spots a girl running.

Hardik comes to the shop and asks where Dhara is. Kaka says that Dhara is missing shocking Hardik. The latter asks about other family members. Kaka says that Gautam is finding Dhara, Suman isn’t well and she’s at Kanta’s house. Shiva is in jail. Hardik wants to call Dev, but Kaka stops him saying Dev went to Waranda to get groceries for shop. Hardik asks what happened exactly to which kaka says that everything has happened due to Anita. He narrates what happened in the hospital. Kaka says that ten years Pandya family was in trouble due to Prafulla’s and bow also Prafulla’s family is the reason for Pandya’s trouble. Hardik says that he won’t spare Anita and leaves.

Anita is tied to a chair and she is trying to free herself. Hardik comes to Anita. Hardik confronts Anita. Anita acts. Hardik asks her to stop acting and says that he will pubish her for her misdeeds. Anita shouts that the doctor and Kamini was involved. Anita asks Hardik to kill her and pretends to faint. Prafulla arrives there. Dhara hides with the baby in the shop’s godown. Prafulla shouts at Hardik and says to get out. Anita says to make Hardik away from her and acts as she fainted. Prafulla says to Hardik that he’s only sensible in this family and asks to find all of them. She says that Anita can’t do such big mistake. Hardik leaves. Prafulla scolds Anita when the latter asks to release her.

In the lock up, Shiva hallucinates child Raavi in front of him. The child Raavi says that Shiva hasn’t changed. Shiva shouts at child Raavi else he will hit her and asks to leave. Child Raavi says that he can only do this, he didn’t change in these ten years. Shiva says that he was wrong to change his decision of not becoming her friend and asks her to leave. Child Raavi disappears. Shiva recollects his child memory with Raavi.

A FB shows. Raavi shouts seeing a lizard. Shiva comes there and asks Raavi shy she’s shouting. He asked her to get a kite, she can’t even get it. He asks her to come out. Raavi refuses saying the lizard is above the door. She asks Shiva to make the lizard go away. Shiva comes in through the window. He gets hurt and Raavi cares him. Shiva tries to take Raavi from there. Raavi hides behind Shiva. Shiva asks Raavi to stay away from him. Shiva takes Raavi out through the window. Raavi goes. Shiva overhears their uncle talking to Suman over phone. He says that he has her bangle and he will bring it. FB ends.

At the shop, a customer asks for tilk ke laddu made by Dhara. Kaka recalls Dhara giving the laddu and asking to put it in the godown. Kaka asks the customer to wait and comes to the godown. On seeing Kaka, Dhara hides and closes her mouth to not make any noice. Kaka is about to leave, the baby cries and Kaka comes back to check.

The episode ends.

Precap: Prafulla taunts Suman. Suman begs the inspector to release Shiva. The inspector asks Suman to bring proof for Shiva’s innocence. Suman vows to release Shiva.

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