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The episode starts with Dhawal questioning Natasha about who made her do all the things. The latter accepts about being forced by Amba to do so as she did not want to lose Chiku again. Dhawal points that Natasha proved again that she doesn’t trust him or else she would have told him truth the same night. Natasha says he is misunderstanding her as she did not want to come in between him and Amba. Natasha tells that she did not one she loves so much will get upset with her. Dhawal requests Natasha to trust him more and it’s better for both of them to work together.

Dhawal tells Natasha to let him do things his way now. He is about to leave when Shalini comes there. Dhawal forgets his phone so he comes back to get it and overhears Shalini’s conversation with Natasha. Shalini Dave tells Natasha that she knows neurosurgeon from Mumbai and asks for Suman’s reports so that she can consult him. Dhawal thanks Shalini for helping Natasha and leaves after taking his mobile. Shalini meets Suman and congratulates her saying now the road will be known by his name.

Suman tells that Gombi didn’t tell her and calls him. Shalini gets confused hearing the same. Natasha acts as Dhara and says that he did not even tell her so she should scold him once he returns home. Dhawal confronts Amba for always being upset with her daughter in laws and points that she is only one who has problem with everything. Amba tries to tell him about Dolly and Chirag being parents but he doesn’t listen to her and says Suman is sick so he isn’t interested in happy news.

Amba starts speaking against Natasha and says she is one who filled his mind against Amba. Dhawal says that Natasha did not tell him truth earlier so that he doesn’t go far from her. He tells that he has to leave as Natasha and Suman need her. Shalini tells Natasha to let her know if she needs any help as she is all alone. She points that neither Amish nor his family members are helping her and even Dhawal left her alone. Dhawal packs his luggage and Amba questions if he is going to stay at his in laws place. Dhawal tells that how Natasha did not have with her when she needed help instead Shalini Dave helped her.

Shalini talks against Makwanas and says that even her husband is same. But Natasha points out that she cannot speak against her family and says she is sure to change their thinking with her love. Amba tells Amrish that Dhawal is going to stay at Pandya house until Suman recovers. The latter says he cannot tell anything to Dhawal. The episode ends with Dhawal coming to Pandya house and informs Natasha that until Suman gets better both of them will stay at Pandya house.


Dhawal will tell Amrish that he wants to ask him something and will request to let Shalini stay with them at Makwana house. He will point that she helped Natasha and even saved Dolly’s life. Amrish wll strongly refuse for same. Dhawal will question him about the reason and if he is hiding something from them. Amrish will wonder how to tell him the truth behind his and Shalini’s past.

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