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The episode starts with Kaka coming back to check hearing a baby crying sound. The baby stops crying. A cat meows. Kaka says that he misunderstood cat’s meowing to a baby’s crying and leaves from there. Dhara feels relieved. In the police lock up Shiva recollects the past. Anita tells Dhara that Prafulla going to take her proposal for Gautam. Dhara gets happy for Anita. Krish arrives there to show his kite. Dhara says that it’s nice.

Raavi arrives with a kite and says that her kite is more beautiful as Shiva made it for her. Shiva comes with Dev and says that it’s his kite. Raavi questions if he hasn’t made for her, why he kept it in her room. Shiva chases Raavi to take the kite back. Dev asks Shiva to stop troubling Raavi and asks the latter to keep that kite. Raavi smiles saying that Dev is her true friend.

Shiva fights with Raavi. Dhara reprimands Shiva for fighting on the Malar Sankranti. She sends them to fly kite together. Dhara says to Anita when they will grow up, Raavi will get married to Shiva only. Anita says that it’s impossible, Raavi often takes Dev’s name and often fights with Shiva. Dhara jokes and they both laugh.

Prafulla stops Raavi and asks where she’s going. Raavi says that she’s going to fly kite with Shiva. Prafulla scolds Raavi for playing with wild Shiva. The latter hears this. Just than Jagat comes there and shows Prafulla the bangles that he made for her and says that it’s like Suman’s bangles. Raavi leaves. Jagat says that he will return Suman her bangles. Prafulla demands to see Suman’s bangles. She likes Suman’s bangles and decides to keep it shocking Shiva and Jagat. Jagat says that he can’t steal from her sister.

Prafulla says that Suman and her husband are rich and they won’t be affected if it gets stolen. Prafulla forces Jagat to lie to Suman that the jeweler, to whom they have given her bangles, lost it. Shiva hits Prafulla with a stone. He bites Prafulla’s hand and asks her to return Suman’s bangles. Raavi comes there and tries to stop him. Dhara, Dev and Krish also arrive there and hold Shiva. Dhara asks Shiva what he’s doing.

Shiva says that it’s Suman’s bangles and he wants to take it back. Raavi says that Shiva is lying, those bangles are brought by Jagat. Shiva says that Raavi is lying. Raavi says that she support the truth always. Shiva pushes Raavi down. Dev slaps Shiva. Shiva fights with Dev. Dhara calms Shiva down. Shiva vows to never befriend Raavi and leaves from there. Anita asks Dhara if she still wants to get Shiva and Raavi married. Dhara regrets of thinking like that and says never ever. FB ends. Shiva worries about his family’s condition now.

Suman laments in front of Kanta about her family’s current situation and about her helplessness of not being able to do anything.Just then Prafulla arrives there playing drum. Prafulla laughs at Suman. The latter asks her to leave, but Prafulla refuses. She throws a taal to Suman and asks her to play it and join the celebration of Suman’s family destruction. She breaks a coconut and says she destroyed Pandya family 15 years back and now her daughters has done same.

One daughter ruined Dhara’s dream of becoming mother whereas Raavi got Shiva arrested. Suman closes her hears. Prafulla says that Dhara ran away like her mother, Raavi never loved Shiva and Rishita is having an affair with her boss. Prafulla insults Suman saying that if destruction had a face it will look like Suman’s face.

The episode ends.

Precap: Suman begs the inspector to release Shiva. The inspector says to Suman to bring proof for Shiva’s innocence. Suman vows to Shiva and says that Anita will come to bail him out.

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