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The episode starts with Prafulla coming to Pandya house. She says to Suman that she saw Shiva in front of her. She says that she’s telling the truth and says to ask Raavi about the same. Other side Dhara says that the only solution is to sell this house.

Rishita and Raavi are shocked. Rishita asks if Shiva will agree. Dhara says that he will agree. She says that their house is in the main market, if they sell it, they can repay the government compensation and can buy a new flat with the remaining money.

Rishita says that it’s a good idea. She says to give that flat to her when they will move again to this house. Dhara says to keep her dreams for later and focus on their problem. Rishita says that she will talk to Dev to find a new flat. Raavi says her to go slow. Dhara worries how Suman will react when she will get to know this. Just then Suman calls out Raavi. They all go to Suman.

Suman says to Raavi that Prafulla is saying that she saw Shiva. Raavi says that she saw Shiva shocking Dhara and Rishita. Raavi says that she saw Shiva on TV serial. Dhara says that she’s talking about Shiv ji in TV serial. Prafulla says to Raavi to say about seeing Shiva when she came to her house. Raavi denies of coming to her house. She says that she was sleeping at home and says to ask Rishita. The latter confirms the same.

Prafulla says that she’s not Raavi, but Shiva has come taking Raavi’s look. Raavi denies it. Suman says Prafulla to leave her house. Raavi says to keep Prafulla in the house so she can freely meet Shiva. Dhara suggests Prafulla moving to the room that’s available in the first floor of Kanta’s house. Prafulla worries about the rent. Gautam agrees to pay it.

Suman asks if Prafulla is doing all this or if anyone else is behind all this. Dhara says that Prafulla had always problem with Shiva from his childhood so he is in her mind, it’s happening due to her age. Suman gets emotional. Dhara says to Suman that she wants to talk to her about something. Suman says her to talk later. Dhara thinks that she has to talk to Suman about selling the house.

Raavi and Gautam come to Kanta’s house to leave Prafulla. Kanta and her daughter in law taunt Raavi. Gautam scolds them and leave. Kanta accuses Raavi of meeting a guy secretly. Prafulla asks Raavi about the same. Raavi says to not pay attention to their talk and leaves. Prafulla worries that if Raavi isn’t meeting Shiva. She decides to find it out.

Few women visit Suman. They badmouth Raavi. Suman scolds them and asks to get out. They leave. Dhara and Rishita discuss that this is the right time to talk to Suman. Dhara says to Suman that they should sell this house and move to any other place shocking Suman, Dev and Gautam. Dhara says that people are badmouthing about Raavi while she was buying vegetables.

Suman says that she trusts Raavi and asks Dhara if she doesn’t trust Raavi. Dhara says it’s not about what people say about Raavi, but Raavi misses Shiva lot in this house. Raavi agrees with Dhara. Suman says that Shiva would let to sell this house if he was alive. She says that she also missed her husband after his death, but she didn’t sell this house. Dhara and Raavi put up an act.

They say that they see Shiva everywhere in this house and miss him lot. However Suman refuses to sell the house, even after her death as it’s her ancestors property. Gautam says that Suman said right. Dhara says that she decided to sell this house, so they have to sell it shocking Gautam.

The episode ends.

Precap: Rishita, Raavi and Dhara lock themselves in. Rishita says that they won’t come out until it’s finalized to sell the house. She says that either this house will be sold or they will die starving ourselves. Shiva comes to Pandya house disguised as a vegetables seller. He panics seeing Prafulla.

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