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The episode starts with Suman threatening Anita to get her arrested. Anita asks if she has proof for that. Anita tries to escape and finds Rishita, who has disguised as a police inspector. Rishita says that she has CCTV footage as evidence against her, so she can’t be saved. Anita wonders how the inspector got the CCTV footage since Kamini told that she removed the CCTV cameras. Anita says that the inspector looks familiar. Rishita says that her grandma is famous and used to come on the tv. She looks like her grandma. Suman asks who she’s and how she has come here. Rishita says that she’s inspector Durgachandi and Suman lodged a complaint against Anita. Suman denies it. Rishita slightly removes her cooling glass. Suman recognizes Rishita and gets happy. Rishita arrests Anita and drags her out.

Rishita asks Anita to seat in an autoricshaw. Anita refuses saying that police doesn’t use an autoricshaw. Rishita threatens Anita and forces Anita to seat into the autoricshaw. They leave. Prafulla notices Anita and shouts. Other hand police gets poster of Dhara and the baby. The inspector asks the constable to stick it in the nearby areas where she was last seen with the baby. Rishita and Suman reach the police station with Anita. The latter demands to see the proof first. Rishita thinks in mind that she thought Anita will confess seeing the police and wonders what to do now. Suman gets worried that Anita won’t confess her crime. Suman says to Rishita to encounter Anita if she doesn’t confess her crime. Rishita takes out her fake revolver and threatens Anita. The latter hallucinates of getting shot. She gets scared. She says to Suman that she did a big mistake and begs to forgive her. She agrees to take the complaint back and free Shiva. She begs Suman that she doesn’t want to die. Suman agrees. Rishita says that she has an urgent work, so asks Anita to with Suman. Anita agrees.

Prafulla. arrives there and calls out Anita. Rishita prevents Prafulla from reaching Anita. She threatens pays money to the rickshaw driver and asks to take Prafulla far. Prafulla asks the driver to stop the autoricshaw, but he refuses saying that he doesn’t want to disobey the inspector. In the police station, Anita tells the truth to the inspector and apologizes to Suman. The inspector asks the constable to release Shiva. Suman gets elated on seeing Shiva. Shiva runs to Suman and hugs her. Anita requests Suman to leave her. Suman says that God will punish Anita for her crime. The inspector warns Suman for taking law in her hands. Suman says that the slapping program is finished. Suman says that she won’t spare Raavi, who got him arrested. Shiva says to not take her name, Raavi’s chapter is closed for him. Anita scolds Shiva saying he’s not suitable for Raavi and leaves from there.

Prafulla comes back home and gets surprised finding Anita having food. She asks what she’s doing here. Anita says that she came escaping from Shiva and Suman. Other hand Rishita comes to Pandya’s house. Rishita gets Suman’s call and learns that Shiva got released. Rishita gets happy. Dhara doesn’t recognize Rishita and misunderstands her for real police who has come to take the baby away from her. Dhara hides. Rishita hopes to find Dhara too. Rishita tries to contact Suman and wonders where they all gone. Dhara pushes the bed over Rishita and hides again. Rishita gets scared. She asks if anyone is there.

The episode ends.

Gautam tells Shiva over phone that Dhara kidnap anyone’s child. Shiva, Suman and Rishita hear a baby crying sound. Shiva says that Dhara is in this house.

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Pandya Store 20th January 2022 Written Update: Suman threatens Anita to take her complaint back