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The episode starts with Suman asking the crowd to use the tomatoes to make soup as Janardan increased tomatoes rate in the market. Janardan shouts and says that they all come to see Ramleela, not to hear her lecture. He asks to say that Gautam run away getting scacred. Suman asks Janardan to not shout at the place where the holy Ramlila is taking place and asks God to forgive him. She asks the crowd to not trust Janardan’s words and to wait. Janardan complains that Suman is diverting them. The play writer says to Suman that they will manage and asks Kanta to take Suman down.

Dhara, Dev and Rishita are practicing the lines. Krish comes and asks where Gautam is and asks them to find Gautam else they will get beaten by tomatoes. Dhara suggests showing Urmila and Mandavi’s dance till Gautam arrives. The director says that they will get beaten with the shoes if they show this. He says that they will Bharat and Manadavi conversation before going to the jungle. Anita arrives and argues with him saying that her scene with Gautam should be done now. The director asks her to go and practice as Gautam isn’t here.

Prafulla gets on the stage and accuses Pandya famy. She says that they’re divorcing Raavi one side and other side they’re making her work, they should be sent to the jungle. Raavi forcibily takes Prafulla from there. Suman asks the crowd to laugh. Raavi asks Prafulla what’s the need to tell the crowd about her divorce and creates a scene. The director says to Raavi to do a dance performance with Shiva. Raavi refuses to dance with Shiva. Dhara says to put aside her problem and thinks of solving their issue. The director requests Raavi to agree.

krish says that Sita and Ram are getting ready to go the jungle. Lakshman is waiting for Ram. In the backstage Anita asks Krish when Ram will come, she is waiting getting ready to propose him for marriage. Anita then says that she has become Surpanakha that’s why. Krish leaves. Shiva and Raavi gives a dance performance on the song jai ram. Disha doesn’t like it. Suman convinces Disha saying that they’re passing the time as Gautam is missing. The crowd applauses. Dhara says to Dev don’t know where Gautam is. He has gone after receiving a girl’s call. The crowd hears through the speaker shocking Dhara and Dev. Dhara realises that the Mike fixed on her cloth is on and asks Dev how to off it. Janardan tries to instigate the crowd saying that Gautam run away with a girl and asks Ramlila will take place now. Suman asks Kanta to take her to the backstage. The director asks Krish to play Ram’s role. Krish says that he can’t play as his sister-in-law plays Sita’s role, The play writer tries to convince Krish. Suman comes there with Disha and scolds Dhara for pointing fingers at Gautam. Dhara apologizes to Suman. Suman says to complete the Ramlila well as their reputation is at stake. The director asks Suman to leave. Dhara asks if Gautam has arrived. The play writer says that they got new Ram. Suman and others leave.

The director pushes Krish to become Ram and asks to practice his lines. Dev threatens to break his head if he becomes Ram. Krish says to Dhara that he will break the director’s head. Dhara says that all mistake is Gautam’s. She will break his head when he will come. The crowd hear everything through the Mike Krrish is holding and laugh. Suman worries where Gautam is. Anita asks Raavi where Gautam is. Shiva says that they won’t say, even if they know. Anita leaves getting angry. Shiva says that there’s no network here.

Gautam is crying sitting in front of God’s statue recalling Dhara’s words and doctor’s words. He says that Dhara decided to not have her own kids to bring up his brothers and asks why he’s snatching Dhara’s happiness that she got after many hears. Anita wants to go and find Gautam,but Shiva and Raavi try to stop her. She says that they never agree about anything and asks what happened today. She says that she will find her ram by herself and leaves from there. Shiva says to Raavi that she wants to say that she’s in Dhara’s team. He leaves behind Anita. Raavi says that today she wants to be in his team. Dhara apologizes to the crowd and asks them to wait. She says that Gautam is missing and she will find and then they will enact the next scene. The crowd gets angry. Dev and Krish also apologize. The curtain closes. Suman gets angry that they all spoiled Ramlila. Dhara goes to find Gautam asking Raavi to become Sita. The director pleads with Raavi to agree. Gautam prays to God. He says to not snatch Dhara’s happiness from her else she will die.

The episode ends.

Dhara sees Gautam with a girl and misunderstands him. Later Dhara argues with Gautam asking whose that girl and asks if he can give agniagnir pariksha for her.

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