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The episode starts with Shiva asking Dhara where she’s going. Dhara says that Gautam got a girl’s call and he disappeared. She will find Gautam and leaves. Shiva sees Prafulla going to the stage and he drags her from there. Raavi and Dev are on the stage. Raavi says that she will go to the jungle with Ram. The crowd gets angry. Dev asks Raavi what she’s doing and asks to send Sita, she has become Bharat’s wife Mandavi. He asks where Dhara is. Raavi says that Sita shocking Dev. Dev asks what has become Dhara. Raavi says that she’s Gautam’s wife now, and went to find him. Krish comes and says that they have to go the jungle. Raavi calls him Shatrughan and asks why he has come, his scene will come later on. Rishita whispers from the backstage that Krish has become Ram. The crowd laughs, Suman hides her face.

Raavi says that he can’t go to the jungle in this costume. She asks where Sanyasi costume. He says that he doesn’t have and will become again Shatrughan. He gets on his knee and pleads Raavi to not go to the jungle. Dev makes him stand and asks him to say Ram’s dialogue as he has become Ram. The crowd laughs hard. Other Shiva ties Prafulla to a pole. Anita spots Gautam and goes after him. Shiva stops Hardik and says that he has a surprise for him. He asks to check there, under the effigy of Ravana. Gautam receives Dhara’s call. He recalls doctor’s words. He thinks that Dhara will be heartbroken if she learns this and decides to hide it from her at any cost. He believes that Mahadev will make everything fine. The director pleads with Shiva and Raavi to become Ram and Sita. Shiva refuses. The director then asks Dev and Rishita. Dev agrees, but Rishita refuses saying that she only practiced Urmila’s dialogues. They crowd shouting. Raavi asks Krish to play any Ram song and leaves taking Rishita.

Anita comes to Gautam and asks why he’s not answering the calls and why he’s disturbed. Gautam says that he has met Dhara’s doctor and the foetus development isn’t in its normal size. Anita asks what it means. Gautam says that their baby has abnormal development. He cries and says that if family learns this, they will get worried and if Dhara knows this, she will be devastated. He doesn’t understand anything. Anita assures Gautam that everything will be fine and asks to have faith on God. She says that today is a big day for her as he trusted her and told her a big truth. Gautam realises what he did and thinks what he has done, he should have told this to Anita.

He apologizes to Anita and says that he should haven’t told this to her, he has to become strong for Dhara, doctor told that they have to be positive and requests to not tell this matter to anyone. Anita assures him that she won’t and thanks him for sharing this with her. Gautam also thanks her. Anita asks him to wipe his tears and goes to the stage as the crowd is waiting for Ram. Dhara
comes that side and sees Gautam talking with a girl. As Anita’s back is facing Dhara, she can’t see her face. Dhara recalls Kanta’s daughter-in-law words. She asks why Gautam didn’t answer her call and gets worried whether Kanta’s daughter-in-law’s words are true, Gautam is also can change, she won’t let it happen, she won’t give up. Gautam is called to the stage. Gautam hears this and leaves.

Raavi and Rishita dance on the song Ghar More Pardesiya. The crowd claps for them. Suddenly few people started to taunt. Janardan thinks that he will kidnap Gautam when he will come. The director begs Shiva and Dev to convince to play Ram role. Dev sees Gautam coming and goes to him. Janardan goons catch Gautam and Anita. Gautam takes a stick and beats them. They run away. Shiva and Dev come there. Shiva asks who they’re. Gautam says that they’re Janardan’s goons. Shiva asks where he has gone, he was called to the stage from long time. Dev asks where his wig is. They go inside Other hand Hardik releases Prafulla and asks who has tied her to the pole. Prafulla says that Shiva and curses him. Hardik asks Prafulla to forgive him and says that Shiva has sent him here. Prafulla refuses to believe him. She says that Pandyalila is going in the place of Ramlila and calls Hardik to enjoy it.

Prafulla mocks Suman that her son spoiled her dream. Suman asks Disha to take her inside. Raavi and Rishita are worried where to find Dhara. The brothers and Anita arrive there. Dev asks Gautam where he has gone. Anita says that he has gone to the shop. Raavi reacts angrily to Anita. Anita asks her to focus on Ramlila. Suman, Prafulla arrive there. She asks where Dhara is. Shiva assures Suman that Dhara will come. Raavi covers Shiva’s chest seeing Disha admiring him. Dhara arrives there. Gautam goes to Dhara, but she walks ignoring him. Dhara glares at Gautam. Suman asks where she has gone. Dhara says that she’s fine and whatever will happen will happen to Gautam. Gautam recalls doctor’s words.

The episode ends.

Precap: Gautam asks Dhara to smile. Dhara asks to say whose that girl. Gautam asks if he has to take akni pariksha to prove him. Dhara asks if he can take akni pariksha for her.

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