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The episode starts with Dhara gets hurt and her fingers bleeding. She leaves the baby in the storeroom and goes to the kitchen to get apply turmeric on the wound. Rishita is in the kitchen wondering who has made the food.

Dhara hides on seeing Rishita. Suman arrives there and asks if she got to know about Raavi’s whereabouts. Rishita says that not yet, but soon she will get to know soon as she has given application in cybercell with Raavi’s number. Rishita says that she’s worried for Dhara as she has a baby with her. Suman says that Dhara is being a woman and failed to understand the baby’s mother’s feeling. They hope that to find Dhara soon and return the baby to her parents. Dhaar hears their talks and thinks that they won’t be able to find her as she’s hiding in the house.

Gautam is finding Dhara. Krish gets him water. Gautam asks Krish why Dhara left them if she forgot them. Krish says that Dhara can’t forget her family and assures Gautam that they will soon find her. Rishita informs Shiva that Raavi’s location is traced and gives him the location’s address. Other side, a woman gives Raavi’s photo to two men and asks to use it in her passport. She says that she got demand for four maid and a man from other side of the border and she already sent three girls and a man, this will be the fourth girl. The man says that he will get passport and visa the next day and will take this girl away.

Shiva arrives to the same girl’s location. He rings the bell. The girl opens the door. Shiva shows Raavi’s photo to her. He says that she’s wife and asks if she has seen her around. The girl says that she did this girl’s accident few days before, so she brought her home, but she left suddenly. She adds that she’s going to the police station to give her missing complaint.

She asks to Shiva to find her soon as she was very weak. Shiva believes her in the beginning. He gives her number to that girl saying to contact him if she sees Raavi. He turns to leave, but he stops remembering that this is the traced’s location and gets suspicious. Other side Raavi is shown lying unconscious in a room. Shiva forcibly enters the house and looks for Raavi. He sees a closed room. He opens it, but he doesn’t find Raavi there. He calls out Raavi and phones on Raavi’s number.

Raavi gains consciousness and moves her hand to take the call, but Shiva’s phone gets switched off. Shica leaves asking the girl to contact him if she sees Raavi. Shiva begins to leave. Raavi puhes a glass while taking a her phone with difficulty. Shiva stops a moment hearing a noise. Raavi tries to contact Shiva, but his number is switched off.

Dhara is in the kitchen. She boils milk for the baby. She pours it by mistake. Baby cries. Suman and Rishita come to the kitchen hearing the baby crying sound. They see the milk is poured. Suman says that the cat must have drunk the milk. Rishita says that the milk is hot and looks for Dhara. She tells Suman that Dhara isn’t her room. Rishita gets scared that the ghost might have boiled milk. Suman says that ghost doesn’t exist.

The morning, Shiva is asking to the people about Raavi and Dhara by showing their photos in his phone. He sees a girl going wearing Raavi’s clothes. He tries to catch, but she runs away. Shiva follows her and notices foots marks near his house. He follows it and reaches the storeroom. He gets shocked on finding Dhara there. The baby cries. Dhara takes the baby and tries to cam her down saying mom has come. Dhara asks Shiva to stay away from her. She says that she knows that they all want to take her baby away from her. She says that she got her baby after lot of efforts and she won’t let them snatch her away from her. She tells the baby that they will go away. Just then Suman and Rishita come there. Dhara looks shocked.

The episode ends.

Precap: Police and the baby’s biological parents come to Pandya residence to take the baby back. Dhara refuses to give the baby.

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Pandya Store 22nd January 2022 Written Update: Shiva vows to find Dhara and Raavi