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Pandya Store Spoiler: Will Dhara help Gautam to find a solution to save his shop?

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The episode starts with Shiva annoucing that he doesn’t want to study, he wants to be with Gautam. Dhara tells him how importance of study and says if he refuses to study, she will stop talking with him. Suman hears them. She supports Shiva and taunts Dhara that even after completing she’s not doing anything better than her (Suman) who is an uneducated.

Gautam reminds Suman that how his dad used to encourage him to study. Suman says she understands the importance of the study, but there’s a way to make children understand things, that everyone doesn’t know. She can’t tolerate someone giving orders to her child. She then says every kid is different and likes different things like Dev likes to study while Shiva is intrested in games. She then taunts Dhara with her mom. Gautam apologizes to Dhara on his mom’s behalf.

Dhara talks over the phone to her brother about the wheelshop’s arrangements. Then she goes to the kids, who are studying. She asks where’s Shiva. Dev says he has gone to Gautam. Dhara phones Gautam, but he’s not answering her calls. She then notices Suman, then slowly moves away not to alert her. Dhara sees Gautam coming back. She asks where’s Shiva. He says he’s not with him. He checks his mobile and finds Dhara’s message.

The latter says she hasn’t sent him any message. They see a video in which Shiva says that Dhara said she will not talk to him, if he refuses to study and he doesn’t want to study, but he can’t stay without talking to her, so he’s leaving the home. Gautam and Dhara are shocked. Dev says he may know where’s Shiva. Gautam and Dev go to search for Shiva. Dhara is consoling Krishn. Suman finds something is wrong and enquires Krishn what’s the matter.

Krishn is about to spill the beans, but Dhara stops him saying Gautam took, Dev and Shiva to have gulfi and she’s making Krishn understand that Gautam can’t take all of three in the bike, so he left him at home. Suman decides to go there to check. Krishn asks Dhara if they really went to have gulfi and insists that he also wants to go to them. Suman asks him to come with her.

Gautam and Dev find Shiva sitting on a tree. Dev hits Shiva asking why he left home liying to him. The both start fighting. Gautam stops them. He asks Shiva if he won’t hug his brother. Shiva hugs Gautam. Dev joins them. Dhara suggests Suman that they can ask Gautam to bring gulfi. Suman tries to phone Gautam, but he doesn’t answer the call, so Suman decides to go and buy gulfi by herself.

Dhara goes after her and tries to convince Suman to go inside. Just then Gautam comes there with Shiva and Dev. Krishn happily hugs Shiva and says that Gautam found Shiva. Suman realizes that Shiva left home. She hugs him. She scolds Dhara for hiding the truth from her and accuses her that she wants to separate her sons from her. Suman warns them that if this act repeats again, they will see her dead. They all look shocked.

The episode ends.

Precap: Dhara hurriedly leaves for home as the kids may have come back from school and must be waiting for her. Gautam asks if she showers all the love on her brother-in-law, what she will give to their kids. Dhara looks on.