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The episode starts with Dhara saying that the baby is her Tara and refusing to give her to anyone. Someone rings the door bell. Dhara says to Rishta that it must be police and asks her to lie to them that she’s not here and to make them leave. On seeing Rishita hesitating, Dhara begs Rishita holding her foot. Rishita agrees to lie and leaves from there. Suman tells Shiva to inform the baby’s parents in the number given on the poster.

Rishita opens the door and finds Dev, Gautam and Krish. Rishita fights with Dev for disappearing suddenly when his family is in trouble. Dev explains that his phone fell in the water. He came running to Gautam knowing what happened. Rishita says that Shiva found Dhara shocking them. Rishita adds that Dhara is with the baby. Dhara is assuring the baby that police won’t snatch her from her. Shiva hesitates to go to inform the baby’s parents on seeing Dhara’s state. However Suman insists. Dhara notices Shiva and warns him to not move. Just then Gautam comes there calling out Dhara. He hugs Dhara crying. Gautam asks why she is scared of him, where she left. He asks if she doesn’t trust him. Dhara says that they all are united to snatch her baby from her. Family leaves while Gautam tries to convince Dhara to give him the baby. Dhara refuses.

Krish says that Dhara considers that baby as Tara and she will get a shock if the baby is snatched from her. Suman asks him to think of the biological parents of the baby’s state. Dev, Rishita agree with Suman. Gautam convinces Dhara and takes the baby in his arms. Other side Krish gets the baby’s parents number from the poster and phones them. Gautam and Dhara have an emotional talk about the baby. Gautam says that their whole family has right on that baby and they have to take her inside as it’s cold here. Dhara agres. Meanwhile family worries about Dhara. Dev assures Shiva that they will find Raavi too. Shiva says that he needs answers from Raavi.

Raavi says to the girl that she wants to go to Shiva. The girl makes Raavi drink some syrup. Raavi spits the syrup after that girl left. She tries to contact Shiva. At Pandya residence, Rishita says to Shiva to think with the calm mind. She says that she thinks that Raavi is in some trouble. Just then Dhara and Gautam comes there with the baby. Rishita hugs Dhara and gets emotional. Gautam gives the baby to Suman. Rishita and Suman sing Yaadon ki bharat. Dhara holds Suman’s hand and smiles. Prafulla arrives there and sees Pandyas happily. She says that they all are happy while Raavi is missing. She vows to get Shiva and Raavi divorced when she will find her. Pandya family sing together and share a group hug.

Dhara is happy that family loves Tara and thanks God for the same. Suman asks Krish to call the baby’s parents again. Krish obliges. Dhara comes to back to Suman and the family. She says that she thanked God for giving her baby, Tara. She hugs Suman. Family looks worried. Suman prays to God to give Dhara strength to bear this pain. Krish arrives with baby’s biological parents. Suman says to Dhara to forgive her. Dhara asks for what. She then notices the parents of the baby and gets shocked. Dhara says to Suman that she betrayed her. Dhara takes the baby from Suman and warns them to come near her.

The episode ends.

Precap: Shiva rings the door bell if anyone is at home. Raavi tries to escape, but goons surround her. Prafulla meets the marriage counselor and tries to convince her to get Shiva and Raavi’s divorce.

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Pandya Store 24th January 2022 Written Update: Shiva gets Raavi’s last location and goes to find her