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The episode starts with Krish taking Prerna to Pandya’s house. Prerna is anxious about meeting Krish’s family for the first time. She’s scared of their reaction. Krish reassures Prerna and takes her inside. Dhara is surprised to see a girl with Krish. Prerna greets Dhara. Pandyas arrive. Gautam recognizes Prerna as the girl whom he met in the temple. Prerna recognize Dhara. The latter asks who she’s. Krish says that she’s Prerna and she’s his fiancé. Gautam says that Krish didn’t learn from his mistake and is going to land in trouble for the third time. Krish says that he met Prerna in Canada and her parents are running the business of garments and spare parts. He further says that Prerna’s parents names topped the list of businessmen in Canada.

Rishita mocks Krish saying that now he understoof how Krish who failed in B. com become rich. She taunts him about wooeing a girl of rich family even going to Canada. Dev scolds Rishita and says to Prerna that Rishita is joking. Rishita sarcastically welcome Prerna to their family and says that Krish’s history with the girl has been very bad. She says that the previous girl broke their family and hopes that Prerna isn’t like her. Prerna touches Rishita’s feet to take her blessings. Rishita says to Prerna that she is also modern and lives in Ahmedabad. She asks to take the blessings of other members of the family. Krish receives Prerna’s parents call. He calls them as their dad and mom.

Pandyas are shocked to hear this. Just then, Suman arrives there with Shiva. They are also stunned to hear this and taunts Krish about finding new parents after leaving the house. Shiva asks why Krish calling someone dad and mom. Raavi takes Shiva from there.

Chiku, Mithu and Shesh see the Pandyas assembled in the hall. They go play in Mithu’s room. Suman recognizes Prerna as the girl she and Gautam met in the temple. Prerna says that she went to the temple to pray for Suman and coincidentally she met her there. Suman asks why she prayed for her. Krish says that he told her about Suman’s health condition so she wanted to pray for her recovery. He says that Prerna is a very good girl and they’re going to get married very soon.

Suman is surprised to hear this. Krish says that Prerna’s parents took care of him and gave him parents’ love when his own family considered him dead and left to suffer alone. So they’re his family now. Gautam thinks in mind that Krish wouldn’t have become distanced from them if Dhara hadn’t asked him to leave the house the other day. Suman laments about Krish accepting someone else as his parents.

There, Shesh asks Chiku why he lied to the that Suman will get angry at them. Chiku says that how she usually reacts and doesn’t know what happened that day. Shesh says that she might have reacted like this because of his mom’s presence. Mithu asks chiku why he isn’t Suman’s grandson while they’re. Chiku says that he also doesn’t understand that. Here, Prerna is about to take Suman’s blessings. Suman stops Prerna and says that Krish told that she’s not his mom and asks Prerna to take the blessings of his new parents. Prerna says to Suman that she’s also his mom. Suman taunts Krish about not thinking about it in the last seven years and returning when she’s dying. Prerna says that Suman’s anger is justified and asks what’s her mistake in this. She says that she has come to form relationship and for her blessings.

Suman agrees and happily blesses her. Rishita goes to Suman and whispers into her ear that she shouldn’t accept Prerna without testing her and reminds Suman what Shweta did with them. Suman declares that she wants to test Prerna which angers Krish. He angrily asks Rishita what she whisper into Suman’s ear. He complains that they don’t respect his decision even though he earned a name by himself. He asks what’s the need for the test when they’re to leave in a few days. He asks why they bother about what they’re going do in their life after that. He folds his hands and asks them to stop insulting him and Prerna. The latter tries to calm Krish down. Krish has enough and decides to return to the hotel. He stops and says to Rishita that he passed B. Com. He leaves taking Prerna along with him.

Suman scolds Rishita for separating Krish from her. Dhara asks Rishita what Krish’s fault is. She asks why he insulted him. Rishita says that she has been agony after losing Chutki. She blames Krish for letting Chutki get kidnapped by Shweta for saving Chiku. Raavi arrives there and blames Dhara for their family’s seperation and Shiva’s condition. She says that she has been also in agony everyday. Dhara says that she has been also in pain from the last seven years.

Rishita asks what she endured when she is happily living with Chiiu and her husband in a big house. Dev calms Rishita down. Dhara says that her children who used to call her mom instead of sister-insister-in-law went away from her. She says how she witness Gautam become alcoholic after his brothera left him and how Suman was waiting at the door step hoping her children will return.

There, Mithu and Shesh say that Chiku has been taken from the dustbin so Suman doesn’t love him. Chiku shows them a photo of Suman in which Suman happily keeping a child Chiku in his lap. Just then, Shiva who is sleeping in that room, wakes up. Mithu asks Chiku to hide the photo. But Shiva sees the photo and gets the flashes of the past. He starts to shout and breaks things. The Pandyas are shocked to hear Shiva’s scream.

The episode ends.

Precap: Raavi calms down Shiva. Suman asks if Shiva’s health is very bad why she didn’t bring Shiva to them. Raavi says to Dhara that this is how they have been spending each day. She says that she has been seeing her love suffering every day. The past is still haunting them.

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