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The episode starts with Raavi hugging Shiva. Janta sees this. She asks who are there. Raavi runs inside house while Shiva leaves. Kanya sees Raavi and doesn’t see Shiva. She is shocked and wonders who is that guy. Rishita sees Raavi coming from the backdoor and asks what she’s doing here, she was on the terrace.

Raavi denies it and is about to say that she was with Shiva, but she stops herself. She says that she was listening to Shiv’s songs. Dhara comes there and helps Raavi. She wings at Raavi. Rishita notices this and asks if Dhara and Raavi are hiding something. Dhara diverts Rishita. Just then Kanta comes to Suman and says that she saw Raavi with a guy. Suman asks if she’s intoxicated. Kanta says to ask Raavi.

Suman asks Raavi if she wasn’t on the terrace. Raavi says that she was on the terrace. Kanta says that she saw Raavi. Dhara misleads Kanta saying that her eyesight has decreased due to her age. She misunderstood someone for Raavi. Raavi was with her, they went for a walk and returned home. Prafulla says that she saw Shiva’s ghost in her house. She says that maybe Shiva took Raavi’s appearance and came here. She refuses to sleep in Raavi’s room.

Prafulla decides to sleep in Suman’s room. Suman refuses. Dhara convinces Suman stating that Prafulla is scared. Gautam comes to Dhara and asks the reason behind her sudden happiness. Dhara spills that the reason is Shiva shocking Gautam. Dhara says that Shiva won’t like them being sad, he is with them. He says that she’s happy for him. She assures that everything will be fine. Gautam says that Shiva can’t return. Dhara says that Shiva has returned and he will be among them in some more time. Gautam misunderstands that Dhara is pregnant and happily hugs her.

Raavi recalls Shiva’s words and waits for 1’o clock to meet Shiva. Here Dhara stops Gautam from telling Suman. Dhara says that she prays to God to send Shiva back and hopes that God listen to her. Gautam also hopes for the same. Dhara hugs him saying that Shiva will soon return. She apologizes in mind for misleading Gautam. Raavi sneaks out of the house. Rishta says to Dev that Dhara and Raavi are hiding something. She imitates. Dev smiles. Rishita gets upset.

Raavi comes to Prafulla’s house to meet Shiva. She finds him sleeping. She scares Shiva and laughs when he gets frightened. Raavi kisses Shiva. There Dev convinces Rishita saying that he smiled as he found her cute. He says that Dhara loves her as much he loves her. Rishita still suspicious and decides to find the truth.

Here Shiva says to Raavi that he is happy that she came to meet him, but if she comes often, someone can stop her and their family can be in trouble. He says that he has to think how to get their land back. The morning Shiva and Raavi are sleeping. Raavi wakes up and realizes that it’s morning. She worries that she will land in problem if she’s not seen in the house. She tries to wake up Shiva, but in vain, so she decides to go by herself.

Meanwhile Dhara doesn’t find Raavi, Suman and Prafulla home and wonder where they have gone. Rishita says to Dhara that Suman and Prafulla have gone to Prafulla’s house shocking Dhara. Prafulla and Suman reach Prafulla’s house. Prafulla refuses to return to her house. Suman says to Prafulla that she won’t let her stay in her house and says to open the door. Raavi gets shocked on hearing their voices.

The episode ends.

Precap: Raavi asks Shiva how she will go out and says him to find way. Prafulla comes in and is shocked seeing Shiva. She shouts Shiva. Suman hears this.

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